Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jesus, I'm a shitty blogger

:ia-Rose is amazing, beautiful, smart, sassy, tough, exhausting, delightful. lovely, smart, funny, silly, obnoxious, crazy, talented and perfect. She is an incredily strong child with lot's of likes and dislikes.
She is understanding english like crazy...and everyday new words--today it's"excuse me" (She picked that up on a playdate today)..."go back to bed now!" (which she claims Na Na (grandmom) and Ya Ya (grandad) taught her-they didn't...she sings songs-her favorite being Little Red Caboose. She constantly "Boo Yows" which means No..she says "Boo Yow Daddy, Boo Yow Na Na and Booy Yow Ya Ya" in one sentence..basically boo yowing her daddy and grandparents. She loves her babysitter, loving school and loves/hates her doggie Molly. She watches tv shows for 8 year olds-I Carly especially and is getting into Full House. We went to the movies today and she made it thru the previews and a bucket of kid size popcorn. My darn camera is breaking everyday as one little continues to find it and throw it.

As for me, I'm exhausted. Full time/two jobs is tough...I feel like I can't be the greatest at either of them which is frustrating. I am overeating, my hormones are raging, and I don't feel particulary great. Yet, it sort of doesn't matter. My goal in the next week is to get myself together. Try to do three days at the gym and just feel sort of in control. BUT, I LOVE BEING HER MOMMY.

Today we went on our first playdate, she was so bad. So was her friend. We walked out of movie because she started talking back to the movie screen about five minutes into it. We went to Target, she had fun.

Anyway, not the greatest post, but wanted to get something up here...need to find time for this as well!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I am going to blog again

Facebook has become my new place to express myself. Those one liners are an easy way to update the world on L-R and not take up to much time. But I feel like such a horrible mother. Years from now kids will be comparing notes on how much (or how little) their parents documented their lives. With all the availablity of blogging, photosharing, video uploading these kids will have a complete documented past. My poor Lia will have nothing. I can't do that to her. So, I will commit to at least three posts a week. That will be easy enough, I think.

Life has definetly been hectic. My FB status tonight was about having not enough hours in the day. How true. I feel like I can never turn myself off. If I'm not working, I'm doing something for Lia. If I'm not Lia'ing I'm doing something for Joe and the house and my dog. I am not complaining but it is hard being a mommmy, holding a busy job and just keeping the house going. Feeling organized is very important to me. Paying my bills on time makes me feel great. The fact that I missed two bills that were sitting in my to open box for the last six weeks makes me sick. Fortunetly they shouldn't hurt my credit or anything like that but I can't let that happen.

Lia has been good. Just a little wound up lately. Tomorrow she goes back to her schedule of three days in daycare and two days at the sitter. I can't wait to get back to the normal schedule. I just have so much to do and it's been hard feeling like I can't get it done. Then I find myself working while she is in the room and she gets upset and throws things or comes over and tries to turn the computer off. It's very frustrating. So the goal will be to work when she is in daycare/school and to be with her when she is not. I need to get her in bed by 8:30 (it's been really hard but with the days getting darker earlier that should help.) If I can have some time to myself from 9p-11p I can get last minute work done and personal work done. Sounds like a plan.

Her cute Lia'ism today was when she was on the toilet. I know TMI but it was cute. Her tummy must have hurt as she poo'ed and she said "mommy no more ice cream no more pizza...Lia full."

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I have been away so long my blog is inactive

I can't believe it's been almost two months since I blogged. This summer has flown by. I waited all that time to bring Lia home and now the time is just slipping away! Unreal. Lia is amazing. Hello, can you say the funniest, smartest, cutest kid in the world. I may be slightly biased but she is pretty sensational. Motherhood is wonderful, hard as hell. Working motherhood, simply challenging. I go to bed late and wake up early. It's a juggling act for sure. I am exhausted and Lia-Rose can be challenging. She loves to throw things and tonight she innocently almost chocked me to death. She of course found it very funny. She really is an amazing, strong child. I love her with all my heart and soul. I want to start blogging again. I just have to find the time. And now I hate the way the blog looks!!! Why did that happen? Anywa, I better shut this off for now and I'll be back...gotta hug my big four year old as she sleeps.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just so I remember

Some cute things Lia is doing or shall I say saying to express herself:
When she says goodbye it's "Bye bye, Happy Birthday to you, I lub you"
When she see an airplane "Mommy Up-plane..Happy Birthday to you"
When she sees a train "Mommy...choo choo"
When the radio in the car is to loud: "Mommy, baby sleeping"
When she wants something "Lia do Lia do"
When she wants a drink "Lia's coffee" (That's because everytime I drink something I say coffee..thinking she would know what that was!)
When she is bad she screams "Ice-a-cream" because she knows I'm going to say that she can't have any
When she wants Ice cream she pretends she is licking a cone
When she sneaks up behind me and she thinks she is being cute (which she is) she whispers "Hi, how are you?"

She is my life and my love. The feelings just get stronger and stronger each day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

She continues to amaze....

The words are just exploding. She understands, how does that happen? She is so smart.
This morning I left her a daycare and she cried. I nearly lost it but ran out of there quickly. I called the school about 90 minutes later and they said she was fine. I picked her up at 2:30 in the afternoon as she was waking up. One of her classmates screamed, "Lia, your Mommy is here." She was napping quietly and woke up peacefully, not scared at all. Her babysitter (our blessing) Barbara and her 10 year old daughter were with me. We all celebrated with ice cream and iced coffee! I'm so proud of her. The teacher said, she did great. Even knew the alphabet when they started to say it. She is amazing.

Just so proud.

Putting her in daycare makes me sad, but I know the interaction, education and routine is great for her. I want to give her every single advantage in life. I pray that I do.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love this photo of Lia. This is just so her. Intense..thoughtful. My god I love this child.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So much to say

I am so tirede. But, I need to write some updates! Things are really settling in. I am more relaxed which makes everyone else...especially Lia more relaxed. She is amazing. EVERYONE loves her. She starts pre-school/camp/daycare next week. We did a few trial runs. It was awful last week. I was with her and she wanted nothing to do with anyone...but me. Today, I left her. She was amazing. I was outside spying and saw her playing and smiling and actually being with kids and not be aggressive. When she is with me will hit for some reason. The teachers told me she was perfectly fine. Quiet and observant. And no tears. I came to get her and she cried out and ran to me and held me so long. I am so proud of her She goes to my wondeful neighbor/babysitters twice a week. She loves it and they love her. She is fantastic. Beautiful, sassy, funny and perfect.

Some words to date:

Oh my god, you've got mail, Lia do, Mommy's, Daddy's, ice-a-cream, happy birthday to you as a good bye greeting...stop it... molly don't (to my dog) wash my hands, wash my feet, poo, pee, coffee (anything you drink)....

We love her so much. I'll post more photos soon.
I've learned that motherhood is really exhausting. So off to sleep I to Lia who is snuggled in bed with her papa!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

It hasn't all been perfect

I read some bloggers and they talk about how incredibly perfect their child is. How blissful they are. How easy everything is. Who are these people? I was tempted not to write any of this. I mean, his blog is supposed one day be read by Miss Lia. Should she know that her mother nearly had a breakdown today because she wouldn't brush her teeth,take a bath or eat her breakfast. To tell you the truth, I think I did have a breakdown. The tears flowed. I called my friend Judy who has years in childcare and she calmed me down. I felt better afterward.

This is challenging. Lia right now is going through her own adjustment. As am I. We are a family for a month now. So much has happened. I am not going to sugarcoat this. It hasn't all been easy. Not at all. Yes, we have beautiful moments of bliss. Of laughter of smiles. But Lia is very tough. She is strong. She is exhibiting lots of curiosity. She also will show her anger and frustration in different hitting, screaming, pinching and biting. It breaks your heart. She is just confused and anxious. And it makes me cry.

I go back to work next week. Preschool part-time starts soon. I can't imagine not being with her, yet, there is a big part of me that knows it will be great for us both.

As Lia now says..."I love you so much." I do I do I do.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lousy blogger.

Just so much to say and so little time. I do feel like we are sort of getting into a groove. Forgive me for not phoning some of you or emailing. Life is truly a whirlwind. I have a new appreciation for stay at home mom's and those with more then one child...aka my sister. But it's great...I love her. She is mine. She is such a little Wendi at times. She imitates me. She carries a big bag like mine. She is very nosy and a little naughty. She is delicous. I can't get mad at her without smiling. She is so cute. She loves to wash her hands, in fact cleanliness is very important to my daughter. She now occasionally hits my dog. Every day she says another word in English. She puts puzzles together in a second. She babbles on her fake telephone. She is truly sensational. Today she ate her first bagel, had her first trip to Central Park. Yesterday a birthday party. She seems happier at home right now, to be expected. Did I say, she is sensational.

I really want to be able to blog more. I am going to try.

I have to say to all of you again, thank you. Thank you for supporting us through this journey. Thank you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


She is impossibly cute. Undeniably delicious. Smart, tough, independent, and yes, I'll say it exhausting! It's been a very crazy week and half since we returned home. The jetlag was rough. I'm not going to sugar-coat this. It was hard. A few nights of literally up all night. Emotions running raw. Eating minimally and just plain exhausted. Things have definetly turned the corner though. Normal sleep patterns are returning and appetitites as well. It did help to kick start my summer diet that is for sure.

Lia is truly unreal. It's weird. It doesn't feel like she doesn't belong. It's like this she was meant to be here the whole time. She fits so perfectly with us.

She is so smart. She has a few favorite english words to say...yummy, happy birthday to you, bye bye, mommy, 'you've got mail' and of She definetly understands more then she actually speaks. It's pretty amazing actually. I've gotten over the feeling of crying everytime I think about how hard her life was and how she was almost lost in the system. My daughter is not a victim. She is tough. The doctor even said it...this kid is strong.

She sleeps now hopefully more peacefully. She will only drift off to sleep if I'm holding her hand. Tonight she smelled it. Like trying to memorize it. She is beautiful. People stop and smile at her. She gives out lots of hugs. SHe is truly amazing. She is Lia-Rose. It's so wild. It's Lia-Rose.

Monday, June 15, 2009

All good!

Just tired. She is amazing. She is does this happen? Will write more when I have some energy :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

video cutting paper

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wednesday,I think

The days all blur together I must say. With the time difference makes it even crazier. But it is Wednesday. We are scheduled to go back to the Embassay today. Well, scheduled is not the right word. We go back because our paperwork that wasn't finished on Monday due to Orphange mistake, should be done today. I sure hope so. I just want this part done so we can finally say...all is complete. You can never breathe in this process.

Lia continues to amaze me. I met some mother's yesterday by the pool who couldn't believe that we had only been together a few days. She is very comfortable with me.
She is very talkative, although I can't understand her she is certainly expressing herself with her expressions and on going sentences and hand gestures. You can tell she is a fighter. Tough as nails. And a certain amoung of maturity about her. It's hard to explain. She is almost four but something about her. SHe is also just beautiful. I can honestly say I have a gorgeous daughter. Her skin is a gorgeous olive and is already browining up. Her hair is now way past her shoulders and just is beuatiful.

The other night we said goodbye to her Nanny. Nanny and I were sobbing privately. Lia is very blessed ...well, I should say Joe and I are, to have had Nanny and her family love Lia so much. She was very well taken care of and it shows.

She definetly is testing me. She will run off at a moment's notice and is very over-friendly to strangers...common issues you see with kids in this situation.

But all and all, she is the Blessing that is Lia. I can't believe this is happening!

Taiwan is a beautiful, friendly and kind country. We have been treated very nicely. Plus met a bunch of Westerners here who are are leaving here and absolutely love it. Lia is from a beatiful country. She is a beutiful child. I am so blessed.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Watching her sleep

We are here in Taipai and it's been an amazing few days. Yes, it's exhausting and between the jetleg and just running around to get from point a to point b by 9am this morning, truly the Amazing Race.

Lia Tsz-Huei is my daughter. I mean, truly my daughter. Saturday morning was just surreal. I'm trying to remember it now....I remember being really scared and cried on the van right over. We met her at the orphanage and as we rode the elevator up my heart was bounding. The elevator opened and there was a screen door that I could hear babies crying and suddenly a little voice, Mommy mommy mommy. I screamed back Lia Lia Lia when the door opened she ran into my arms. She absolutely remembered me like I had just left her the day before. The webchats and the photos and all Nanny and I did to keep the connection has been vital. It was sad. She looked for Daddy and then said "daddy didn't show up." We told her that Daddy was getting the room ready for her arrival. She smiled!!

She holds my hand. Looks for me with others around. I am definetly her mommy.

On Saturday after our reunion we went to party they were having for us. There we met some important people in Lia's life...I'll talk more about this privately.

I have to go..but will write more later! xo

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So last night I am in bed. Showered, relaxing, trying to fall asleep. It's aboutthe 9:30. The phone rings. Dina. "Your appointment is at 9a on Monday morning." "Excuse me?"

Wendi get your bags packed....I'm off in less then 24 hours. I don't know how I did it. Booked flights, hotels, made huge arrangments. Today I need to pack, clean up my work for a few weeks, go shopping and just try to breathe. This is unreal. I went to bed about 3a last night. That is three hours sleep if ou are counting. I clung to Joe. This is is. The last night we will be just the two of us. Everything is different now. It feels sort of sad. I cried. I can't explain. Goodbye to the wait, the frustration, the not knowing. Goodbye to just my hubby and I. I looked at my doggie and felt guilty. She won't be the center of my universe anymore.

Goodbye to it all. And hello to my daugther.

So, not sure if this is the end of this blog.One which I created almost three years ago. This blog was about our journey.

I will try to post from Taiwan. As many of you know I'm one Facebook, so I'll be status updating and adding some photos over there.

In the end, I will admit that this was hard. I feel like the adoption system needs to be retooled for both parents and child. I hope that after Lia comes home I'll find some time to work on ideas to help make that happen. I am enternally grateful to all those who showed me so much love and compassion and partnership through this.
I wish those still in process good luck...your dream will most definetly come true.

Monday, May 25, 2009

And the answer is...

Certificate is in hand!

Well, not my hand, but in Taiwan. And I should be leaving the week of June 8th to bring our little princess home! FINALLY!!!!!

Thank you so much for your support...everyone.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Are we at the end?

I sure hope so. It's almost morning almost 5am the morning of the 25th in Taiwan. In a few hours Mr. T. who is the administrator for the orphange will got to the courthouse. Will the certificate be ready? Or will we have days more to wait? No one knows. I am so nervous that I'm unhappy. This has been such an up and down experience. A true rollercoaster. But, we are almost at the end. Lia-Rose will be home soon. But, how soon is the question. It's weird. You know it is true. But then you wait for the bomb to drop and for more weeks to be added into the equation. Time flies yet it truly creeps by as well.

I hope I will have some great news to report VERY SOON!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

May 25th

The date we are supposed to get certificate...then we can book travel and visa appointment.

Let's see...I really feel positive!

Friday, May 15, 2009


My daughter is so smart. She "lubs me". And she tells me when she sees me online! What a girl!

No updates...but here's the good's been three weeks now...will next week be it! YES, remember, positive thinking!

Thank you for yours!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Still ...

Just need this certificate. Come on. I have to ask all of you a huge huge favor. You have all been so wonderful to me during this journey. Can I ask you for one big favor. Please ask G-d or whoever u may believe in to help us get that final piece of paper.

I am going to imagine that the judge has signed it. That she is handing it to her clerk. The clerk has folded it and put it into an envelope and has sent to Ms. K. Ms. K is putting it on her fax machine and sending it to D our facilitator. D is picking up the phone and scheduling our appointment with the Embassay. She is then putting the phone down and calling me. And so it is!

Thursday, May 07, 2009

No updates

Gosh, my life has really been about waiting these past years hasn't it's waiting for second half of decree and travel. At least though, some of my "stuff" I was worrying about is basically allievated...she is ours. I just want to go get her now.

Last night I was singing the Barney Song and she loved it. She kept saying "more"...and then she sang it with her Nanny back to me in Chinese! So cute, and must say I'm happy to see how strong her verbal skills are. Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but when were first given her referral they thought she might have some speech issues and could be slightly delayed in her speech (more for her circumstances then anything else) Although she is not speaking English...she is yapping away. Long sentences from what I can make out. And even when Nanny tells her to say something in English she is pretty strong with delivery. My guess is, like her mommmy, she loves to talk!

I just emailed my facilator. I have been very good about not emailing everyday and saying ...what is going on. Figured, one week in from our last conversation is a fair amount of time! It's exactly one week today she told me. I'm pretty sure the decree actually had come down before that and D was just being careful to not tell us info until she was 100 percent sure. (She basically said that) So, if there is a so-called 10 day waiting period between Decree part 1 and Decree part 2, we could really be there!

One other thing, Lia wished me a Happy Mother's Day. Yes, I cried. Let's go get her!!

Thursday, April 30, 2009

I am a mommy! Legally.

Yep, the final ruling (first decree-I know it's confusing but that's how this is) is in!!!! We are done! Now just another 10days for the certificate to come down. I hadn't really been explained this until today....we should be leaving by the end of May! Lia is legally ours. Can I say that again. Lia is my daughter. Forever!!!!!

April 30th 2006 was my first visit with my social worker. When we started the process. Three years to the day...I AM A MOM!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 30th

It is now April 30th in Taiwan. I write this next post to mark something very important in Lia's life. I won't go into details as those details are for Lia to share one day, but today Lia is meeting and saying farewell to her birthfather. These words give me chills as I write them down. I want you to know one day my wonderful daughter that your birth parents love you so much. They loved you so much that they knew that your forever family was where you needed to be. I wish you knew how important this day will be for your birth father and for you. You are loved by so many the whole world over. Cherish this time with him. Cherish it. And to Lia's birthfather, there are not enough words --thank you is simply all I can say.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Great news!

The decree should be issued this week we were told today. My facilitator said "It's your turn now!"
We will be heading to Taiwan in about two or three weeks after that!
Lia Tsz-Huei Rose is almost here.

Her Nanny told me that Lia completely identifies herself as our daughter. It's all truly amazing!

Keep us in your prayers....

Friday, April 24, 2009


That's the lastest note from my source in Taiwan. For what it's worth, I loved hearing it. My birthday is tomorrow. It was exactly the news I needed to hear to not be brokenhearted. I love you Lia. My last birthday without you with me.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I miss you Lia

The wait used to be about this idea of who my child was. The idea of being a mommy.
Now it is about missing my Lia Tsz-Huei. I cry often. I cry daily. I am sorry for being so weak. I am just missing my little innocent daughter. I am so tired of feeling that way. I know there is a lesson here. I belive there is that in every challenge in our life. I know it's about motherhood and about being strong. But, this is tough guys. Really tough. I miss you Lia Tsz-Huei Rose. I miss your little laugh, your squeal, your soft hair on my face. Your little hand in mine. We only spent a week together, it was a lifetime for me. I miss you baby. Mama will be there soon.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hope and Love

That's how Pacey's mommy Jocelyn describes. The look on Lia's face now. She is right. Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock. This little hopeful love-bug needs us. Tick tock ...tick tock!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


For someone who has felt beat up lately, I feel incredibly optimistic. I truly believe we will know some good news soon! And check this out. Tonight Lia was wearing the same dress she was wearing in her referral picture. This time with a much different look on her face.



Friday, April 17, 2009

The cutest kid in the world

I am so blessed to be able to see my baby a few times a week. It has really helped us build our relationship. I noticed when we were with her in Taiwan, when she is really happy she squeals! Like really loud. This morning Nanny rang me and said "do you want to talk to Lia? " Of course!!! So, Lia comes on the webcam and starts squealing...really really loud. And giggling and counting in English to 11 and singing Happy Birthday! Then she pulls Nanny's glasses off of her face and puts them on..and screams MOMMY!!! She was imitating me!!! The cutest thing ever!!! MOMMMY MOMMY!! I love you so much I can't stand it! Here's a screen shot.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Enough tears

I am sitting on the computer after taking a beautiful walk this morning. I cried. I cried for Lia. I cried that I can't be there for her. This is the most painful time I have ever gone through. I am trying to remain positive but when one has been in the process for over three years it almost gets hard to believe. I am so glad my blog is private. I am sick of myself being so negative and dont' want the world at large to have any access to these feelings. I'm so sorry I am so negative. I slept in Lia's bed last night. I was in my room and I swear to you I heard the word's "Mommy, come sleep with me please." Oh why do I have to pretend? All my life I have been the one to imagine what things would be like. I am tired of imagining. I just want to hold her. I miss that little one. Lia-Rose is a real person now. Not a figment of my imagination, but a real child, who deserves and needs her mommy. I'm sorry sweetheart. I'd be there if I could. I just can't right now.

Dear g-d,


Thank you.


Saturday, April 11, 2009

Thank you Nanny

If you read below you can tell that we are really sad and anxious. But a few hours after I wrote that Nanny and I had a webchat. My Lia is growing up and is so sweet and perfect. Honey, we will be there soon. (I am Dashish)

dashish@aol says: Is Lia doing o'k? Is she asking any questions?

Lia 慈惠 says:
She is very glad when she saw her granddad and grandmama that day says:
oh!! so sweet!
they are in love with her!

Lia 慈惠 says:
She is very naughty says:
what is she doing?

Lia 慈惠 says:
which floor is Lia's room says:
Lia is on the second floor. Right next to our bedroom
Her bedroom is so beautiful

Lia 慈惠 says:
Maybe you should be more aware of the window says:
...the window is high..she won't be able to reach it.
does she like to look out windows?

Lia 慈惠 says:
She might get a chair to climb to the window says:
i will make certain she can't.

Lia 慈惠 says:
That's how she do here to get any thing high says:
ok..i'll watch that.
my little niece does the same thing

Lia 慈惠 says:
she is curious about many things now says:
that is good...

Lia 慈惠 says:
she tries to discover everything she feels interesting says:
we want her to be curious but cautious
this poor kid has never had such love before.
your family has been amazing
i think when kids feel comfortable they become more curious

Lia 慈惠 says:
I thing you will love her more than we do ^^ says:
we are her mommy and daddy

Lia 慈惠 says:
Lia is not afraid of strangers says:
which is not always a good thing.
We have her enrolled in a pre-school
it's a great school with lots of fun things for her to do and learn.
we also have many friends with kid her age
several who were adopted as well.

Lia 慈惠 says:
She seems more interesting in boys and sometimes when people give her candies she will do things people asker to do
such as a hug or kissing because she is not afraid of strangers says:
She is a little flirt already!

Lia 慈惠 says:
Ha! Maybe that's because all girls in our family. She has less chance to interact with male says:
So funny.
Does she tell people she is coming to USA?

Lia 慈惠 says:
she always sing a song that she is flying to USA says: sweet

Lia 慈惠 says:
And she often mentions that she will go to USA to visit dady, mommy, granddad, grandmoma, her sister....., all the day and also her uncle she just reminds me says:
i hope she realizes that it's more then a visit
so cute

Lia 慈惠 says:
I think she realizes that she is going to stay there rather than a visit says:
well, i'm sure she doesn't even realize what this all could she
she will be happy. we will make sure of it.

Lia 慈惠 says:
We are also happy she can find such good family and this might make her life totally different says:
she deserves it
she is making our lives so special
you are blessings from god.
we know we are blessed that lia is living with you.

Lia 慈惠 says:
we are happy to have her accompany too says:
she is a special little girl

Lia 慈惠 says:
If you have any problem when taking care Lia, you always welcome to contact us says:
thank you so much
one thing is i want to know what sort of foods she likes to eat
of course food here is a little different and we want to make sure we are feeding her foods she likes

Lia 慈惠 says:
She loves the food all kids love, such as cookies, candies...
But she seems have no prefernce in normal food says:
she woudn't drink milk with us, we noticed that.
she also ate cereal with chopsticks and giggled about it.

Lia 慈惠 says:
that's right. she doesn't milk says:
our milk is very different here. she might like it better.

Lia 慈惠 says:
flavored milk might be better says:
yes. and maybe milkshakes
that have icecream in them

Lia 慈惠 says:
She loves icecream
But she often gets cold says:
we laugh because in many of the pictures you send us she has food in her hands

Lia 慈惠 says:
it's a little late. we should get Lia to her bed says:
definetly. i didn't realize she was up
thank you for chatting. it made me feel good

An update

Finally learned yesterday why decree is really being held up. Apparently, the Judge wanted a form filled out and notarized with some information in Taiwan. Has nothing to do with us, but with reasons for Lia's circumstances there. They have been working on acquiring the paperwork and it looks like that will be wrapped up soon. Then it could be another month. Or two. This sucks.

I'm angry for so many reasons. It is not worth putting them out here. I'm tired of talk and promises. I just want her already.

I was upset with my faciliator because when she referred to my daughter and the circumstances she called her by he Chinese name. Not Lia. It just bothered me. She said the exit paper work is done so once the decree does in fact finally arrive, it will be a quick exit.

How hard is this? It's very hard. It's harder then you can imagine. I know that we are lucky, beyond blessed that we see her everyweek and have met her. That also makes it harder...LIA WE MISS YOU. This is not just about an adoption coming to completion. This hurts so much because we miss YOU little girl.

I dreamt all night about you. I hadn't for a few weeks. I was protecting myself from feeling. But, I feel you. I love you. I want you here sweetie so bad. This really hurts.

Thursday, April 09, 2009


I got nothing for you. I feel stuck. In limbo. This is frigging crazy. Not fair. I am done feeling sorry for myself. COME ON NOW I AM PISSED OFF.

That felt better.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Final paperwork

Last week I was told that we needed to get some additional paperwork authenticated for exit. I have to say, it was painless, and thank you to the wonderful Director at TECO ...he authenticated in about an hour and we walked out with it today. Tomorrow we take to our facilitator. Hopefully this is a good sign. Hey, I have to think positive!!!

Thursday, April 02, 2009


When you want something so bad the thought of it not having just shakes you from the inside out. When apart of you is missing, you ache from the top of your head to the bottom of your toes. You get scared. You get frustrated easily. You eat too much. You cry at the drop of a hat. I feel like such a drag. Like such a negative "kvetch". But, this is how I feel. I don't feel confident. I hate that. But, I do know it's because this is the most important thing that has ever happened to me. It has been years of trying. Trying to become a first time mommy. Five years ago we started with some fertility treatments. I had surgeries, tests, dreams. I then gave up on the dream until I realized I couldn't. It wouldn't matter how Lia came to us. She would come the way she was meant to come to us. We started the adoption process three and a half years ago. Meetings, phonecalls, running around, paperwork, dreams, hopes, longing. It went on and on. And then the call, the opportunity that changed our life. The trip I only dreamed of. The face that I cry myself to sleep to. I want my baby. Now, it's a piece of paper that we wait for. Again, we are waiting. And waiting. It hurts now more then ever. Please. I'm ready for this to be over and for my life to begin with my daughter.
I love you Lia Tsz-Huei Rose.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009


The past few days I have been down. Really angry and sad. Then I think to myself, why should I be so lucky? There are hundreds and thousands of people trying to have a baby...waiting for their adoption to go through. Why should I Wendi be so lucky to have my child. I don't deserve it more then anyone else. Then the numbness takes over and I just don't feel anymore.

But quite frankly, this adoption is really about Lia. She deserves to be loved, to be celebrated, to be cared for. I will take myself out of my prayers and just pray for her. For that is what matters. Dear God, this little girl has been placed in our care. We have our hearts wide open, our arms truly spread wide....we are ready to bring her home. Please see that this process continue swiftly and painlessly. Lia deserves her forever family. We are here for her. Please please.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

I just need an outlet

It's funny. I wasn't going to post how I feel. I mean express it to the general world. But I really need to. It's not quite the world, just this blog. And so few people have been reading it, it doesn't matter. I just need to get this off my chest. I am completely drained and depressed. First off, there is nothing worse then being told something is going to happen "anyday" and everynight you put the phone by your bed and you wake up all night going on line to see if you got the message. I finally found out yesterday...they can't say "anyday" now. Just have patience. This might not even be complete in April. Secondly, when you think all your paperwork and running around is done...ha ha...joke's on you. Again, I have to get some documents authenticated. At least this is for the American Embassay for exit, but still. I feel like someone is playing with my heart and emotions I am very very angry. My period is 14 days chance on being's just my hormones are out of control. I am depressed. Anxious. Feeling really horrible. I am also extremely exhausted and burnt out. I want to feel feel optimistic. Right now I don't.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A great idea

Hear me oh hear me great old Universe. Today, March 24, 2009 will be the very last time I post a "when will this happen" post on this blog. My next post here on out will contain all the fantastic information about our travel, bringing Ms. LTHR home and all that life will be when she is here. I am so freaking tired of this WAIT. ENOUGH. It's over...the days of wondering when are completed UNIVERSE. Lia is coming home NOW.

I am thinking postively and am ready to put this in motion and in action. Looking forward to finally saying the is done!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Four weeks today

So the hearing was four weeks today. We are really in the homestretch here.
1. The couple right before us got their final decree this week.
2. I was told that the Orphanage Director has been in touch with the courts daily to push the decree through.
3. Lia's Nanny was told by my Orphanage Director to go get her passport picture taken.
4. Girls, I know we are really almost there. I am so excited.

Monday, March 16, 2009

She is really growing

Just received some recent photos from Taiwan. My baby is growing. I bought her those pants. When she wore them in November they were just touching her sneakers. Now, they are almost to her ankles. I love this photo. The bag in her hand is a big bag of Animal Crackers I had sent her. Her hair is also getting really long. I WANT MY BABY.'s happening very very soon. Oy vey!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The room is almost done!

Check it out! So proud and I love it!

Also, here is a picture of our webchat tonight. The excel spread sheet you see how's a list of almost 100 chinese words that I have learned.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Final stages of labor?

From my neck to my feet I hurt. Every bone aches. My back is killing me. I sleep at night and wake up in pain. I carry alot around with me everyday...laptops, projectors, boxes filled with stuff for my workshops. I know that I lift to much at times. I think between that and my general state of anxiety right now, I'm knocked out. Really in pain.

It hurts more at the end. Right before you get to your goal. The final lap around the track. The final mile in a marathon. As you get closer, you know it's real and you know it's almost over, and you are just not quite there yet. It hurts. You push, you push, you just want to exhale but you aren't quite there yet. That is how I feel this morning. So almost there, but just not quite. And it does hurt. It's almost over. I can breathe soon. The watched pot doesn't boil. I need to stop thinking of this, but how can I? Soon soon. In the meantime, I'll take a tylenol and try to relax.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Thank you

My sister throw a beautiful shower for me on Sunday. I'll post some photos later. Thank you so much Lori. It was so perfect. It felt surreal and Lia-Rose got some beauitful gifts. Thanks to my parents as well for helping out. It was all overwhelming.

The furniture arrives tomorrow. The closet is filling up. I'm so anxious to get this decree that I feel sad. Lori said it best, I've been so used to waiting that sometimes it's hard for this to feel real.

I spoke to Dina my faciliator on Friday. She said, "anyday now!" My stomach is in nuts.

It will be here this week!!!! I am putting that out to the Universe. Here comes that decree!!!

Friday, March 06, 2009


Is this not both sad and amazing. But truly joyful. Lia's nanny wrote me and said that "Lia cried last night because she misses her mommy and daddy." It broke my heart yet filled me with joy to know that she knows us and misses us as much as we miss her. I will never ever not be there for you Lia. I'm so sorry that the distance and the judge is keeping me away from you. We will be together soon my baby. Soon.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Please decree

Dear decree, won't you come for me? I wait so anxiously. I love little Lia Tsz-Huei!

This is supposed to pronounce her name as Lia Tsz-HEEEE

But seriously...getting anxious, what else new? Soon...very very soon.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Pink and Brown

We painted the room today. Suddenly my little guest room is now a "Big Girl" room for LTHR! Here are the colors...I love it! Next week the furniture!

I am finally "nesting" and it feels great!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Looks like this is really happening!

1. D told me that travel should be first or second week in April (four more weeks!)
2. Got final bill from agency "since travel is getting very close, the orphange donation is due at this time."
3. Webchatted with LTHR and she has a cough. I am panicking that something is wrong -a mother's worries!

OMG !!!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday Lia Tsz-Huei Rose

I completely am the worst mother. I forgot that it's my daughter's half-birthday today. She is three and 1/2. We saw her photo about 18 days before she turned three.
I've known you for just over six months my sweetheart. I love you more and more each and everyday. I have such vivid dreams about you. I love them because every single night I am with you.

Tonight Lia sang the ABC's to me with her Nanny on the webcam.It's unreal. I love how she said "o". She was screaming and laughing. She was in a particularly great mood tonight which in fact is Friday morning in Taiwan.

I told everyone at work. It's public now and everyone is so excited for me. As some of you know my office is based in my home with the corporate office being in Boston. They are so supportive of what I am doing. I am truly blessed.

D, my facilator, said we should get final decree anyday now. There is a 10 day waitign period, so theortically we are in that period until early next week. Let's see what happens next week.

In the meantime, we kick ass, work hard and prepare. Our baby is coming.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Designing woman

Lia's bedroom is coming together.
Furniture ordered-beautiful white twin bed, really nice high dresser and a night table. Also in the room is a maple chest that I have to keep. I changed the knobs to white, although,I might change them back. The colors of the room are going to be Mocha brown (one wall) and the three others will be light chiffon pink. Base boards and doors painted white! I love it. I worked with a decorator friend of mine who found this cherry blossom pattern that we are looking to have drapes made. My sister planted the cherry blossom theme in my head and it stuck. The floors are dark wood and I'll get a pretty pink rug. Lia also has a nice size closet walk in closet with half of it now being set up for toys. The girl's room will be nicer then mine when it is all said and done..but she deserves it! It really is so much fun doing this!!! I was scared of this part..I never felt adequate in the decorating department, but it will be so pretty!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

She knows

I had the chance to have a surprise webchat with Lia tonight. I saw her online and sent a message. Her fantastic Nanny called me back and I saw my baby. First off, she is gorgeous. Truly. And I'm not just saying that. But, it was like she knew. She knew that I wasn't some lady who screams "I love you" in chinese to her. She knew that I really am her mommy. I felt it. I felt different. She was screaming at the top of her lungs...MOMMY and laughing about it. She also screamed LIA MOMMY. She is now really and truly Lia. The name fits her so well too. She is the Lia-Rose we have been dreaming about for three years. Although I have been dreaming about her for my whole life. This little being that truly completes me. I never knew what that meant. To feel complete. I dare say that I feel it now. SHe is the part of my heart that has been missing. IT's a love that truly feels natural. That truly feels as if it has been a part of me my whole life. I do everything now for her. For her life to be happy. It's about her. She knows. She knows.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Last night I typed out two posts. One about my labor pains. I hit publish and my phone rang. It was the word...the good word. About 8p last night as I lay in bed I was overcome with a sense of peacefulness. I felt totally for a few minutes completly at peace and completely complete. The moment passed and I felt it again. I do believe that was truly the universe telling me all was going to be o'k. That I was going to Lia's mother...that I was Lia's mother. It was amazing and it hit me this morning the true enormity of that sign. I bought Lia's bedroom set today. It's beautiful. Painting starts in two weeks. I am going to start shopping. I won't feel completely relieved until she is in my arms...but for now, we are really really close!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

We got her!!!! Final decree issued with in a few weeks!!! It's happening!!!!

Labor pains

From what a hear, a woman right before birth goes into labor and it hurts like hell. Perhaps that would explain the massive headache and all that came with it today. I feel so sick it's not funny. I was telling D my facilator this and we laughed...I'm definetly in labor. And hopefully when all is said and done, I'll forget the pain today and of the last three years and embrace my daughter. She was definetly worth the wait. She is the most amazing little girl I have ever met. Right now, exactly right now, there is a court-room filled with people who are on our side. Lia, if you are reading this, your biological daddy came to court. To tell the judge how sorry he was that he was not able to give you the life you deserve. He is telling the judge that he believes we are the right family...the forever family you deserve. There is a social worker there telling the judge that too. There was a lot of paperwork that legally needs to be done. It is complete, stamped, certified and sealed with love. Lia, right now in Taiwan, Ms. Kuo is telling the judge how much we love you ...and that will never ever change. Hopefully we will have final approval very soon. In the meantime, my labor pains continue. I am having a baby and she is YOU Lia Tsz-Huei Rose. I love you. Your daddy loves you. It is time. It is time.

Monday, February 16, 2009

This is the part

I hate. I am so nervous. We are just a few days away. Is it normal to feel nervous and completely lose confidence? Is it normal to feel that you are not good enough for this child? Is it normal to want to eat everything in sight? Is it normal to want to divorce and then remarry your husband? Ugh.

So we wait. Friday is the second hearing. Then a few weeks later final decree. Lia's hair is now past her shoulders. She is almost three and a half. She needs her mama.

Her mama and papa need her.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Friday, February 06, 2009

Taking it slowly and ready to not

I've posted this many times before, but I will continue to do again. I was following someone else's blog...pretty exactly where we are in the Taiwanese adoption process...between the first and second hearings. She is having showers, the room is completely done, people are sending her gifts. I feel like a slouch. NO...I AM NOT ASKING FOR LOTS OF GIFTS...DON'T SEND..NOT AT ALL. But, that whole Jewish philosophy of not jinxing anything by bringing a lot in the house is definitely rearing its' head. I just can't do it. Joe too. We agree, we don't buy the furniture till after the 20th, we don't shop, we don't paint. Until the second hearing. I know you might think we are crazy. Everything is basically picked out. Everything is getting in order. But no showers, not gifts, not a thing. It will a big way.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009


We webchatted with Lia tonight. She looked gorgeous. Her Nanny gave her a handful of flashcards ( I am pretty sure I bought them for fact, I know I did, I think) anyway...they were pictures and then had the English word on it. She held up a picture of a Banana and simply shouted "Banana"! How smart is my daughter? xoox

Monday, February 02, 2009


Ok, the weekend escapade is behind us. Paperwork is complete!
Then guess what...second court date: Feb 20th! Hello!!!
Secondly, they believe we will have final final final by March 20th.
Thirdly, I may be going to Taiwan in early April..can someone say best birthday ever!
Fingers crossed....thank you dear god!

Sunday, February 01, 2009

My goals for this week

I webchatted with my baby tonight. I have been learning Chinese so I was able to say to her (I think) "I am Mommy"; "You are Lia"; "I love you"; "How are you." and "Doggie" babble for sure, but at least I could communicate.

Anyway, after Saturday's drama....I am now rebooting and taking some control back. That little girl sits there and waits for her mommy and daddy.I am going to make that happen....come on now!

This week I will make sure that everything gets sent to Taiwan. That's it. We just need to the paperwork to leave this country and get to the Judge's office. I will pick up the authenticated Chinese homestudy tomorrow, they will have completed it, I will overnight to my faciliator and she will send to Taiwan. That is it!

I am going to make this happen....whatever I can do...I am going to see that it happens.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


I should have know when my Chinese paperwork went through so easily for my original submission to China that this Taiwan process would turn into a headache.'s too hard to explain and I'm exhausted...but in the past two and half hours I optimistically was dropped off in front of the Taiwanese Embassy on 42nd...said to my husband..I'll be right out..ended up in the most stressful two hours of my life trying to explain to officials why I needed my document authenticated and why it was o'k because I was just there...put my facilitator on the phone with them who basically guilt-ed them into doing me a favor..cried in front of them...ran outside like a maniac to get $100 to pay them...saw that my husband got a parking ticket for $ sweating shaking and hopeful that on Monday I can pick these papers up and we can finally send back to Taiwan. It's just awful that Lia's life is now on hold because of paperwork. I know it's the law and the system...but it's just too much. I pushed, I cried, I aggressively but nicely made it work..but it shouldn't' be this hard....

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Words to live by

I am strong, I have patience, I am strong, I have patienceI am strong, I have patience, I am strong, I have patience
I am strong, I have patience, I am strong, I have patienceI am strong, I have patience, I am strong, I have patience
I am strong, I have patience, I am strong, I have patience
I am strong, I have patience, I am strong, I have patience
I am strong, I have patience, I am strong, I have patience

We started this adoption journey exactly three years ago.
It's time.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dear Lia,

I truly hope one day you will get the chance to read this blog and this entry.

I started this blog almost three years ago as way to both document our journey to you and connect with others who were going through this process. I met so many friends and spent lots of hours reading and following the stories of others.
Right before we got your referral I decided to make my blog private. I had started a new job which was going to give me more exposure on line and I felt like this was just a bit to close for comfort. I felt uncomfortable that those outside of the adoption community and my friends might just stumble on my very very personal words.
Then, once we got your photo and we knew right away that you were Lia-Rose , it was even more important to me that this blog remain private. This is your story and one day you can decide if you want this to be public or not. I have a few folks who read me often and I know are checking in. They love us and love you Lia-Rose and are all here because they support us so. One day when you know your full story and we put all the pieces together you can decide who you want to share this with. I just want you to know how much I respect your privacy and your story.

But right now, at this very moment , know that I love you. That we are BLESSED to have you as our daughter. Lia Tsz-Huei Rose, you move me to be great. To be the best person I can be. You are my favorite person in the whole world. Yes, that's true. You are my love. I'm your biggest fan and supporter and this Mama can't wait to really get to know you...I know we will have our fights and arguments as you grow up...but that's o'k. I fought with my mommmy and I know that my mommy is my best friend. She will be there no matter what. And guess will your mommy. I'll always be there kiddo.

So on this date, January 27, 2009, we are hopefully just a few weeks/months away from bringing you here ...remember were loved before we met you, you were born in our hearts, you are our Lia-Rose. You are everything..and we love you, forever and ever and ever.

Love you always,

Your Mama

Sunday, January 25, 2009

More paperwork

It's just funny now..I need another set of papers authenticated...which means..nothing gets sent should be done by end of week...and this point I know exactly what to do..and I will just do it....


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shin Neon Kau Li

Happy Chinese New Year. My baby is away with her foster family visting their family on the Eastern Side of the Taiwan. I hope she feels happy and has fun and enjoys the customs of her country. We will try to continue many of these traditions when she comes home.

I am trying to stay positive. Yesterday had a long talk with my faciliator and she told me about a few hiccups along the way. She said, all will be fine, but that there might be a small delay. I rather not post why, or even talk about it. I just pray because my daughter needs to be in a stable situtation....and begin her forever life sooner rather then later. This little girl is alone in this world. Yes, she has her foster family and god bless them...but her mommy and daddy aren't with her, and needs us as much as we need her.

I get so angry at times. I haven't been myself....I'm elated and overjoyed to know my daughter....but everyday I feel like it's something else. One day your are on the top of the world...feeling positive and seeing and end in sight. The next day your bubble is just popped and you fall asleep early to avoid thinking about it, yet find yourself dreaming about unexplainable things.

Three years ago we started on this adoption journey. Three years ago. My daughter is 3 and 1/2 almost. It's just time to bring this child took us awhile to find you Lia Tsz-Huei....the Universe guided us to's just time to bring you home.

So this Chinese New Year while everything is closed down in Taiwan...I hope all those involved with our case get good rest and good health. There's alot to do when the holiday is over. Lots of work to do.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New paperwork

Ran around
Got up early
First in line
Nice people helping
A few tears
Paperwork done....!!!
Yep, will be mailed back to Taiwan just in time for Judge when she gets back from holiday break for Chinese New Year!


Monday, January 19, 2009

More paperwork

The judge now has asked us for more notarization on some paperwork we have already submitted. God bless my faciliator, but we told her this from the beginning. Now I'll be scrambling to get this done befor Chinese New Year. Oh well.

I saw my baby last night. She is so beautiful. She ran out of the room to bring in the doggie we bought her...of course a stuffed toy. She loves's a little Molly...her "go go " here. I'll run around the world for her...running in and out of the city to notararies is the least I can do. Thanks Susan for your help! And Chris too!!!

Anyway..on MLK Day today this phrase really pops "I have a dream that my children will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character." Amen. May Lia Tsz-Huei Rose always have the same opportunities as everyone else....

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A letter to the Judge

During the hearing the Judge questioned our originally Homestudy that stated we were intereted in adopting a child up to 18 months of age. Remember, this was three years ago. I was three years younger. And how funny, that child would now be five years old..but regardless...we updated our Homestudy and it was indicated that we wanted to adopt a child up to 4 years of age. Guess what, the courts never saw that addendum so questioned whether or not we would be disappointed with Lia because she was three. Can you imagine!!!! I am pissed off because it was a careless error from someone ...not sure who..but whatever...anyway, it should be an easy fiz( poo poo-that's Jewish for no jinxes)...but I wrote this letter that I want the judge to read. Regardless, of whether or not she did feel good to write it.


To whom it may concern,

First and foremost my husband Joe and I thank you for taking time to consider our petition to adopt Tsz-Huei , who will hope to officially name Lia Tsz-Huei Rose.
We know that your job is a very serious one, especially in the case of adoption. We have been informed that you had questions as to why in our original Homestudy completed in 2006 we stated we wanted a younger child, yet now want an older child. I thought perhaps the best answers would come from me.

We started our adoption journey three years ago this month. We requested a younger child in our original homestudy because that was the average age of the babies in the program we had put our original application in. Additionally, many of our friends had children that age, and we thought it would be fun for them to grow up together. The months went by and we waited for our child. We both realized that age or sex or nationality meant no difference to us. We wanted to parent. To create our family.

And then, we saw her. This beautiful little girl. I fell to the floor in tears when I saw her face the first time. I just knew she was my daughter. I felt an immediate connection. Meeting her and spending a week with her in November and the bond we are creating through bi-weekly web-chats only intensives our love for this little girl.

We couldn't be more happy. Yes, it does sadden us to have missed out on the first few years of her life. We wish we could have been with her every second of her life. But, our life together starts at this point in all of our lives. Tsz-Huei is everything we could imagine our child to be. Her personality matches ours in so many ways. She is funny, bright, beautiful inside and out.She fits so well in our families!
Dear Judge, Tsz-Huei is our dream come true. Please know that this is not about just adopting a child for us. This is about making Tsz-Huei our daughter.

There was an addendum to our home study completed in October 2008 which indicates our request for a child up to four years of age from Taiwan, along with our social workers indicating their approval of this in our homestudy. We hope that this official documentation along with my explanation will help answer your concerns. Please know, we are grateful to you and your country for everything you have done for us as well as for Tsz-Huei.

And finally, although some women have their babies biologically and their child grows inside of them, Tsz-Huei was conceived from love and our love for her grows deeply inside of both of our hearts and souls.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Wendi and Joe Carroll

Friday, January 16, 2009

Not so fast

So, it's not happening this time. Note, Taiwan is generally a two hearing place. The judge goes through the paperwork, and if there are questions they are raised during the first hearing. So there were questions...and fortunetly, they aren't really "about " us...they were a few administrative things that the Judge didn't like how they were handled. I have to let my frustration go. Can't be angry. The judge is doing HER job. Which is good that she is a she, I was concerned that she would rule against us because I was a working my facilator the scheme of things "this is not that big of a deal" and will be handled easily. It still hurts.

I just turned on the computer today after signing off this morning....which would have been 10:30pm on Friday night (after the hearing)...Lia's nanny sent me a simply said "Lia loves Mommy." It was exactly what I needed to hear.

Tick tock

New word yet. Been up pretty much all night long. I am by myself and this is not easy. I wish I was next to Joe right now. I go from periods of total confidence to moments of such dispair. I need to remain calm....but this is hard. I just to this little inspirational email ....very appropriate.

What you want, Wendi, has no bearing on whether or not you'll get it. None. Nada. Zippo.

It's only ever a question of whether or not you can behave as if you already have it.

I got you, babe -
The Universe

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thank you

It's happening now...or very soon. Not sure I can sleep....thank you for you love and support. The rest is in god's hands.

Message I sent to Taiwan

Tomorrow is the day. Right now my Power of Attorney (Ms. K) is probably getting ready for bed and thinking about tomorrow. I just sent her htis message through my D my facilitator....

"We wish you the best of luck in court tomorrow. Let the judge know that we love Lia Tsz-Huei Rose as much as if she shared our blood. Lia Tsz-Huei Rose was born from our hearts. We are planning to give her a safe, peaceful, happy, adventure filled life. Our wish for her would be to grow up and be happy and to accomplish as many dreams that dare dream. We can't wait to bring her home. She is in every thought and in every breath we take. We love her and feel honored to have this opportunity to call this beautiful child our own. THank you Ms. K for allowing us this chance. You are amazing and we would never ever be able to thank you enough. "

Wendi and Joe

Please think good thoughts for us and for all of those waiting to bring their

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just checking in

I am in Boston this week on a business trip. All week. Not sure if it's good timing or bad. I suppose it's good. I am so busy during the day that I can't worry...all day. I also can't stare at Lia's pictures or watch her videos. But, I need to continue to stay busy and postive and feel like her mama....I AM HER MOMMY.
Just a few more days till court hearing....then...we aren't sure...but a huge huge huge huge huge moment!

Today also is the 7th anniversary of when Joe and I Love you Giggle!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A nice surprise

We are so lucky that Lia is in a wonderful Foster Family. They treat her as if she was their own. She is having lots of great adventures. Last week they went on a little family trip (they are doing so for Chinese New Year as well) I opened my email today and found some photos from the trip. Here are a few!

The fruit basket in one of the pictures is a gift we sent the Nanny for the Holidays.
It's cute, she is wearing a sweater we got for a gift from our friends Paul and Denise under her coat. They really wrap them up there!

Friday, January 09, 2009

To my jewish friends

Only because I think you will understand this neurosis more...:)
I read other blogs of folks who have referrals of their Tawinese children around the same time as us..they are just waiting on courtdates...all of them are shopping and decorating and getting ready. Me..I start then stop. I am tooo paranoid. That old "ken-a-hera" I crazy. I decided that once next weeks' hearing is completed we will know where we are with everything...either we go to a second hearing(which I suspect) or we get judge's green light...and it will be just a few weeks more...I have bed picked out...we are finalizing colors...and well, as far as clothes go...once we get final green light..I know that I can hit a Gap for Kids and other places and get loaded up on clothes ....I think toys will be the same thing...I had bought her a ton of stuff tht is in Taiwan with her and I send her toys everyother I think she is o'k....but am I crazy. I wish I felt more secure...but again, it's the old jewish thing...don't do anything till baby is born. Any thoughts????

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Real honesty here

I am scared, petrified, feel weak in my knees, am questioning practically everything in life, making excuses, finding it hard to sleep, arguing with my husband, looking at my life and thinking that it is not good enough ....bottom week is the court date and these weird feelings are manifesting...I'm just plain old nervous that something will go gut says she is my heart says it loud and clear....but why should I be so lucky to become her mother. Why me...? Isn't there someone better? A better mother? A better father? Why is this the right life for her? I hate these feelings. I admit it. I'm weak..I'm scared. A few days a go some good friends got some bad news. They didn't deserve that. Do we deserve this. I know I'm nuts. I know I sound crazy. It's just that...well it's just that...I so deeply love Lia Tsz-Huei Rose. I love being her mommy. And it doesn't feel real. I am so scared something will go wrong. I am such a believer in the power of attraction in our lives....yet this negativity is seeping through. I just want this week to fly by. But, then I don't ....I'm so anxious. On Sunday I leave for a business trip...I won't even be with Joe when we get the news....awful. STOP being so negative. Stop it Wendi now. This self talk isn't working. I look at her picture and cry. I want my daughter. I want my Lia-Rose. I love you baby...I am your mommy.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Lia Tsz-Huei Rose Carroll

Well that's it. We filled out the Naming Agreement be prepared when all is final....her name now is and will be Lia Tsz-Huei Rose Carroll. It's long, but beautiful. I think eventually that Tsz-Huei will drop off and she will be forever known as Lia-Rose...I just think it all goes together...and it feels right. So now, again, more notarizing and authenticating...and another trip to the Taiwanese Embassy in NYC...but hopefully this will be the last time.

We saw her last night after getting this sweet note from her foster family on MSN messenger:

老爹 sent 1/4/2009 10:04 AM:
Dear Lea,s dad and mon We got your presents for twice,thank you From January first to January fourth,2009,we will hava four days holiday in Taiwan We will take Lia shan shan for vacation,so we won,t be at home at that time We deeply appreciate your love for Lia ,and we are glad to be helpers between you and Lid
老爹 sent 1/4/2009 10:17 AM:
We hope Lia will be used to living in a new family soon when she goes back to America. thanks again for letting Lia have a sweet theme,and we hope Lia will be together with you very soon. Sincerely yours

Lia-Rose was beautiful. She said...."A-hee (I love you) Papa"

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy new Year Lia Tsz-Huei Rose

We love you Miss Lia. We love you so much. In just 14 days a judge in Taiwan will look at our case. We aren't sure if he will greenlight it right away or more then likely ask more questions. We can't wait for these next few weeks to fly by. You have no idea what is in store for you. I know Nanny and Father tell you that you are coming to America with your Mommy and Papa, but you have no idea what that really means. Actually, neither do I. I think the the three of us will figure it all when you get here. We are a family, and it will be just the way it is supposed to be. I am so nervous. SO nervous that I won't be the mommy you deserve. But, I promise to devote all of me to you. I love you so much Lia Tsz-Huei. You are my everything!

Happy New Year my daughter to be. Legally, that is. You are my daughter in my heart and soul. I know I'm your mommy.