Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just so I remember

Some cute things Lia is doing or shall I say saying to express herself:
When she says goodbye it's "Bye bye, Happy Birthday to you, I lub you"
When she see an airplane "Mommy Up-plane..Happy Birthday to you"
When she sees a train "Mommy...choo choo"
When the radio in the car is to loud: "Mommy, baby sleeping"
When she wants something "Lia do Lia do"
When she wants a drink "Lia's coffee" (That's because everytime I drink something I say coffee..thinking she would know what that was!)
When she is bad she screams "Ice-a-cream" because she knows I'm going to say that she can't have any
When she wants Ice cream she pretends she is licking a cone
When she sneaks up behind me and she thinks she is being cute (which she is) she whispers "Hi, how are you?"

She is my life and my love. The feelings just get stronger and stronger each day.

Friday, July 17, 2009

She continues to amaze....

The words are just exploding. She understands, how does that happen? She is so smart.
This morning I left her a daycare and she cried. I nearly lost it but ran out of there quickly. I called the school about 90 minutes later and they said she was fine. I picked her up at 2:30 in the afternoon as she was waking up. One of her classmates screamed, "Lia, your Mommy is here." She was napping quietly and woke up peacefully, not scared at all. Her babysitter (our blessing) Barbara and her 10 year old daughter were with me. We all celebrated with ice cream and iced coffee! I'm so proud of her. The teacher said, she did great. Even knew the alphabet when they started to say it. She is amazing.

Just so proud.

Putting her in daycare makes me sad, but I know the interaction, education and routine is great for her. I want to give her every single advantage in life. I pray that I do.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I love this photo of Lia. This is just so her. Intense..thoughtful. My god I love this child.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

So much to say

I am so tirede. But, I need to write some updates! Things are really settling in. I am more relaxed which makes everyone else...especially Lia more relaxed. She is amazing. EVERYONE loves her. She starts pre-school/camp/daycare next week. We did a few trial runs. It was awful last week. I was with her and she wanted nothing to do with anyone...but me. Today, I left her. She was amazing. I was outside spying and saw her playing and smiling and actually being with kids and not be aggressive. When she is with me will hit for some reason. The teachers told me she was perfectly fine. Quiet and observant. And no tears. I came to get her and she cried out and ran to me and held me so long. I am so proud of her She goes to my wondeful neighbor/babysitters twice a week. She loves it and they love her. She is fantastic. Beautiful, sassy, funny and perfect.

Some words to date:

Oh my god, you've got mail, Lia do, Mommy's, Daddy's, ice-a-cream, happy birthday to you as a good bye greeting...stop it... molly don't (to my dog) wash my hands, wash my feet, poo, pee, coffee (anything you drink)....

We love her so much. I'll post more photos soon.
I've learned that motherhood is really exhausting. So off to sleep I to Lia who is snuggled in bed with her papa!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday, July 09, 2009

It hasn't all been perfect

I read some bloggers and they talk about how incredibly perfect their child is. How blissful they are. How easy everything is. Who are these people? I was tempted not to write any of this. I mean, his blog is supposed one day be read by Miss Lia. Should she know that her mother nearly had a breakdown today because she wouldn't brush her teeth,take a bath or eat her breakfast. To tell you the truth, I think I did have a breakdown. The tears flowed. I called my friend Judy who has years in childcare and she calmed me down. I felt better afterward.

This is challenging. Lia right now is going through her own adjustment. As am I. We are a family for a month now. So much has happened. I am not going to sugarcoat this. It hasn't all been easy. Not at all. Yes, we have beautiful moments of bliss. Of laughter of smiles. But Lia is very tough. She is strong. She is exhibiting lots of curiosity. She also will show her anger and frustration in different hitting, screaming, pinching and biting. It breaks your heart. She is just confused and anxious. And it makes me cry.

I go back to work next week. Preschool part-time starts soon. I can't imagine not being with her, yet, there is a big part of me that knows it will be great for us both.

As Lia now says..."I love you so much." I do I do I do.