Saturday, July 18, 2009

Just so I remember

Some cute things Lia is doing or shall I say saying to express herself:
When she says goodbye it's "Bye bye, Happy Birthday to you, I lub you"
When she see an airplane "Mommy Up-plane..Happy Birthday to you"
When she sees a train "Mommy...choo choo"
When the radio in the car is to loud: "Mommy, baby sleeping"
When she wants something "Lia do Lia do"
When she wants a drink "Lia's coffee" (That's because everytime I drink something I say coffee..thinking she would know what that was!)
When she is bad she screams "Ice-a-cream" because she knows I'm going to say that she can't have any
When she wants Ice cream she pretends she is licking a cone
When she sneaks up behind me and she thinks she is being cute (which she is) she whispers "Hi, how are you?"

She is my life and my love. The feelings just get stronger and stronger each day.


Jocelyn said...

I am obviously a slacker since you have posted like 4 times since I've been on here!! Lia sounds like she is doing SO well...I love the icecream:-) So funny!! I knew she would do great at school.

Joanne said...

LOVE hearing about what Lia is up to :) She sounds like such a doll, a spunky little doll...hmmmm, reminds me of someone :)

Susan said...

LOVE it!!!! She's awesome, and I'm thrilled you're doing so well. (And funny, b/c I was about to post another of these about the Monkey... just so I remember!)

Lori said...

this is beautiful....miss you xoxooxoxoxo