Sunday, June 28, 2009

Lousy blogger.

Just so much to say and so little time. I do feel like we are sort of getting into a groove. Forgive me for not phoning some of you or emailing. Life is truly a whirlwind. I have a new appreciation for stay at home mom's and those with more then one child...aka my sister. But it's great...I love her. She is mine. She is such a little Wendi at times. She imitates me. She carries a big bag like mine. She is very nosy and a little naughty. She is delicous. I can't get mad at her without smiling. She is so cute. She loves to wash her hands, in fact cleanliness is very important to my daughter. She now occasionally hits my dog. Every day she says another word in English. She puts puzzles together in a second. She babbles on her fake telephone. She is truly sensational. Today she ate her first bagel, had her first trip to Central Park. Yesterday a birthday party. She seems happier at home right now, to be expected. Did I say, she is sensational.

I really want to be able to blog more. I am going to try.

I have to say to all of you again, thank you. Thank you for supporting us through this journey. Thank you.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


She is impossibly cute. Undeniably delicious. Smart, tough, independent, and yes, I'll say it exhausting! It's been a very crazy week and half since we returned home. The jetlag was rough. I'm not going to sugar-coat this. It was hard. A few nights of literally up all night. Emotions running raw. Eating minimally and just plain exhausted. Things have definetly turned the corner though. Normal sleep patterns are returning and appetitites as well. It did help to kick start my summer diet that is for sure.

Lia is truly unreal. It's weird. It doesn't feel like she doesn't belong. It's like this she was meant to be here the whole time. She fits so perfectly with us.

She is so smart. She has a few favorite english words to say...yummy, happy birthday to you, bye bye, mommy, 'you've got mail' and of She definetly understands more then she actually speaks. It's pretty amazing actually. I've gotten over the feeling of crying everytime I think about how hard her life was and how she was almost lost in the system. My daughter is not a victim. She is tough. The doctor even said it...this kid is strong.

She sleeps now hopefully more peacefully. She will only drift off to sleep if I'm holding her hand. Tonight she smelled it. Like trying to memorize it. She is beautiful. People stop and smile at her. She gives out lots of hugs. SHe is truly amazing. She is Lia-Rose. It's so wild. It's Lia-Rose.

Monday, June 15, 2009

All good!

Just tired. She is amazing. She is does this happen? Will write more when I have some energy :)

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

video cutting paper

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wednesday,I think

The days all blur together I must say. With the time difference makes it even crazier. But it is Wednesday. We are scheduled to go back to the Embassay today. Well, scheduled is not the right word. We go back because our paperwork that wasn't finished on Monday due to Orphange mistake, should be done today. I sure hope so. I just want this part done so we can finally say...all is complete. You can never breathe in this process.

Lia continues to amaze me. I met some mother's yesterday by the pool who couldn't believe that we had only been together a few days. She is very comfortable with me.
She is very talkative, although I can't understand her she is certainly expressing herself with her expressions and on going sentences and hand gestures. You can tell she is a fighter. Tough as nails. And a certain amoung of maturity about her. It's hard to explain. She is almost four but something about her. SHe is also just beautiful. I can honestly say I have a gorgeous daughter. Her skin is a gorgeous olive and is already browining up. Her hair is now way past her shoulders and just is beuatiful.

The other night we said goodbye to her Nanny. Nanny and I were sobbing privately. Lia is very blessed ...well, I should say Joe and I are, to have had Nanny and her family love Lia so much. She was very well taken care of and it shows.

She definetly is testing me. She will run off at a moment's notice and is very over-friendly to strangers...common issues you see with kids in this situation.

But all and all, she is the Blessing that is Lia. I can't believe this is happening!

Taiwan is a beautiful, friendly and kind country. We have been treated very nicely. Plus met a bunch of Westerners here who are are leaving here and absolutely love it. Lia is from a beatiful country. She is a beutiful child. I am so blessed.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Watching her sleep

We are here in Taipai and it's been an amazing few days. Yes, it's exhausting and between the jetleg and just running around to get from point a to point b by 9am this morning, truly the Amazing Race.

Lia Tsz-Huei is my daughter. I mean, truly my daughter. Saturday morning was just surreal. I'm trying to remember it now....I remember being really scared and cried on the van right over. We met her at the orphanage and as we rode the elevator up my heart was bounding. The elevator opened and there was a screen door that I could hear babies crying and suddenly a little voice, Mommy mommy mommy. I screamed back Lia Lia Lia when the door opened she ran into my arms. She absolutely remembered me like I had just left her the day before. The webchats and the photos and all Nanny and I did to keep the connection has been vital. It was sad. She looked for Daddy and then said "daddy didn't show up." We told her that Daddy was getting the room ready for her arrival. She smiled!!

She holds my hand. Looks for me with others around. I am definetly her mommy.

On Saturday after our reunion we went to party they were having for us. There we met some important people in Lia's life...I'll talk more about this privately.

I have to go..but will write more later! xo

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So last night I am in bed. Showered, relaxing, trying to fall asleep. It's aboutthe 9:30. The phone rings. Dina. "Your appointment is at 9a on Monday morning." "Excuse me?"

Wendi get your bags packed....I'm off in less then 24 hours. I don't know how I did it. Booked flights, hotels, made huge arrangments. Today I need to pack, clean up my work for a few weeks, go shopping and just try to breathe. This is unreal. I went to bed about 3a last night. That is three hours sleep if ou are counting. I clung to Joe. This is is. The last night we will be just the two of us. Everything is different now. It feels sort of sad. I cried. I can't explain. Goodbye to the wait, the frustration, the not knowing. Goodbye to just my hubby and I. I looked at my doggie and felt guilty. She won't be the center of my universe anymore.

Goodbye to it all. And hello to my daugther.

So, not sure if this is the end of this blog.One which I created almost three years ago. This blog was about our journey.

I will try to post from Taiwan. As many of you know I'm one Facebook, so I'll be status updating and adding some photos over there.

In the end, I will admit that this was hard. I feel like the adoption system needs to be retooled for both parents and child. I hope that after Lia comes home I'll find some time to work on ideas to help make that happen. I am enternally grateful to all those who showed me so much love and compassion and partnership through this.
I wish those still in process good luck...your dream will most definetly come true.