Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Wednesday,I think

The days all blur together I must say. With the time difference makes it even crazier. But it is Wednesday. We are scheduled to go back to the Embassay today. Well, scheduled is not the right word. We go back because our paperwork that wasn't finished on Monday due to Orphange mistake, should be done today. I sure hope so. I just want this part done so we can finally say...all is complete. You can never breathe in this process.

Lia continues to amaze me. I met some mother's yesterday by the pool who couldn't believe that we had only been together a few days. She is very comfortable with me.
She is very talkative, although I can't understand her she is certainly expressing herself with her expressions and on going sentences and hand gestures. You can tell she is a fighter. Tough as nails. And a certain amoung of maturity about her. It's hard to explain. She is almost four but something about her. SHe is also just beautiful. I can honestly say I have a gorgeous daughter. Her skin is a gorgeous olive and is already browining up. Her hair is now way past her shoulders and just is beuatiful.

The other night we said goodbye to her Nanny. Nanny and I were sobbing privately. Lia is very blessed ...well, I should say Joe and I are, to have had Nanny and her family love Lia so much. She was very well taken care of and it shows.

She definetly is testing me. She will run off at a moment's notice and is very over-friendly to strangers...common issues you see with kids in this situation.

But all and all, she is the Blessing that is Lia. I can't believe this is happening!

Taiwan is a beautiful, friendly and kind country. We have been treated very nicely. Plus met a bunch of Westerners here who are are leaving here and absolutely love it. Lia is from a beatiful country. She is a beutiful child. I am so blessed.


Jocelyn said...

Wendi, I love reading this and hearing the love in your words...I am ready to see you both at home!!

Lori said...

Love you both...good luck with the embassy....

KJ said...

im so glad you are posting - and the FB updates are great as well. Cant tell you how happy I am for you that you are with Lia. She's everything you've prayed for ...and then some. Cant wait till you are back!