Monday, January 05, 2009

Lia Tsz-Huei Rose Carroll

Well that's it. We filled out the Naming Agreement be prepared when all is final....her name now is and will be Lia Tsz-Huei Rose Carroll. It's long, but beautiful. I think eventually that Tsz-Huei will drop off and she will be forever known as Lia-Rose...I just think it all goes together...and it feels right. So now, again, more notarizing and authenticating...and another trip to the Taiwanese Embassy in NYC...but hopefully this will be the last time.

We saw her last night after getting this sweet note from her foster family on MSN messenger:

老爹 sent 1/4/2009 10:04 AM:
Dear Lea,s dad and mon We got your presents for twice,thank you From January first to January fourth,2009,we will hava four days holiday in Taiwan We will take Lia shan shan for vacation,so we won,t be at home at that time We deeply appreciate your love for Lia ,and we are glad to be helpers between you and Lid
老爹 sent 1/4/2009 10:17 AM:
We hope Lia will be used to living in a new family soon when she goes back to America. thanks again for letting Lia have a sweet theme,and we hope Lia will be together with you very soon. Sincerely yours

Lia-Rose was beautiful. She said...."A-hee (I love you) Papa"


Joanne said...

Oh my!! Where have I been? I lost you for a while and found your blog again...and you know your Lia?!! I have been trying to backtrack and read everything that's happened, but I can't find your older posts!!!!

Daniella said...

I'm crying - that's all just crying (happy tears of course :)

The Blessing that is LIA said...

Joanne, email me and I'll tell you the whole story!!!!