Saturday, January 17, 2009

A letter to the Judge

During the hearing the Judge questioned our originally Homestudy that stated we were intereted in adopting a child up to 18 months of age. Remember, this was three years ago. I was three years younger. And how funny, that child would now be five years old..but regardless...we updated our Homestudy and it was indicated that we wanted to adopt a child up to 4 years of age. Guess what, the courts never saw that addendum so questioned whether or not we would be disappointed with Lia because she was three. Can you imagine!!!! I am pissed off because it was a careless error from someone ...not sure who..but whatever...anyway, it should be an easy fiz( poo poo-that's Jewish for no jinxes)...but I wrote this letter that I want the judge to read. Regardless, of whether or not she did feel good to write it.


To whom it may concern,

First and foremost my husband Joe and I thank you for taking time to consider our petition to adopt Tsz-Huei , who will hope to officially name Lia Tsz-Huei Rose.
We know that your job is a very serious one, especially in the case of adoption. We have been informed that you had questions as to why in our original Homestudy completed in 2006 we stated we wanted a younger child, yet now want an older child. I thought perhaps the best answers would come from me.

We started our adoption journey three years ago this month. We requested a younger child in our original homestudy because that was the average age of the babies in the program we had put our original application in. Additionally, many of our friends had children that age, and we thought it would be fun for them to grow up together. The months went by and we waited for our child. We both realized that age or sex or nationality meant no difference to us. We wanted to parent. To create our family.

And then, we saw her. This beautiful little girl. I fell to the floor in tears when I saw her face the first time. I just knew she was my daughter. I felt an immediate connection. Meeting her and spending a week with her in November and the bond we are creating through bi-weekly web-chats only intensives our love for this little girl.

We couldn't be more happy. Yes, it does sadden us to have missed out on the first few years of her life. We wish we could have been with her every second of her life. But, our life together starts at this point in all of our lives. Tsz-Huei is everything we could imagine our child to be. Her personality matches ours in so many ways. She is funny, bright, beautiful inside and out.She fits so well in our families!
Dear Judge, Tsz-Huei is our dream come true. Please know that this is not about just adopting a child for us. This is about making Tsz-Huei our daughter.

There was an addendum to our home study completed in October 2008 which indicates our request for a child up to four years of age from Taiwan, along with our social workers indicating their approval of this in our homestudy. We hope that this official documentation along with my explanation will help answer your concerns. Please know, we are grateful to you and your country for everything you have done for us as well as for Tsz-Huei.

And finally, although some women have their babies biologically and their child grows inside of them, Tsz-Huei was conceived from love and our love for her grows deeply inside of both of our hearts and souls.

Thank you very much.

Best regards,

Wendi and Joe Carroll


Joanne said...

Just catching sorry about the delay and the questions - oh how frustrating!! Your letter is spoken like a true mommy :) Just beautiful, just perfect!

Susan said...

Okay, okay, you made me cry. :-)

Beeeee-autiful letter, that I'm pretty sure should FAR more than answer any concerns she might have!

Kerri said...