Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jesus, I'm a shitty blogger

:ia-Rose is amazing, beautiful, smart, sassy, tough, exhausting, delightful. lovely, smart, funny, silly, obnoxious, crazy, talented and perfect. She is an incredily strong child with lot's of likes and dislikes.
She is understanding english like crazy...and everyday new words--today it's"excuse me" (She picked that up on a playdate today)..."go back to bed now!" (which she claims Na Na (grandmom) and Ya Ya (grandad) taught her-they didn't...she sings songs-her favorite being Little Red Caboose. She constantly "Boo Yows" which means No..she says "Boo Yow Daddy, Boo Yow Na Na and Booy Yow Ya Ya" in one sentence..basically boo yowing her daddy and grandparents. She loves her babysitter, loving school and loves/hates her doggie Molly. She watches tv shows for 8 year olds-I Carly especially and is getting into Full House. We went to the movies today and she made it thru the previews and a bucket of kid size popcorn. My darn camera is breaking everyday as one little continues to find it and throw it.

As for me, I'm exhausted. Full time/two jobs is tough...I feel like I can't be the greatest at either of them which is frustrating. I am overeating, my hormones are raging, and I don't feel particulary great. Yet, it sort of doesn't matter. My goal in the next week is to get myself together. Try to do three days at the gym and just feel sort of in control. BUT, I LOVE BEING HER MOMMY.

Today we went on our first playdate, she was so bad. So was her friend. We walked out of movie because she started talking back to the movie screen about five minutes into it. We went to Target, she had fun.

Anyway, not the greatest post, but wanted to get something up here...need to find time for this as well!

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Susan said...

Yay, you blogged! And it's a perfect post. It tells about what you and Princess Lia have been up to. Fun for us addicted followers, and more importantly, super cool for you and even Lia to look back at later on.

So much for movie dates, huh?