Tuesday, September 08, 2009

I am going to blog again

Facebook has become my new place to express myself. Those one liners are an easy way to update the world on L-R and not take up to much time. But I feel like such a horrible mother. Years from now kids will be comparing notes on how much (or how little) their parents documented their lives. With all the availablity of blogging, photosharing, video uploading these kids will have a complete documented past. My poor Lia will have nothing. I can't do that to her. So, I will commit to at least three posts a week. That will be easy enough, I think.

Life has definetly been hectic. My FB status tonight was about having not enough hours in the day. How true. I feel like I can never turn myself off. If I'm not working, I'm doing something for Lia. If I'm not Lia'ing I'm doing something for Joe and the house and my dog. I am not complaining but it is hard being a mommmy, holding a busy job and just keeping the house going. Feeling organized is very important to me. Paying my bills on time makes me feel great. The fact that I missed two bills that were sitting in my to open box for the last six weeks makes me sick. Fortunetly they shouldn't hurt my credit or anything like that but I can't let that happen.

Lia has been good. Just a little wound up lately. Tomorrow she goes back to her schedule of three days in daycare and two days at the sitter. I can't wait to get back to the normal schedule. I just have so much to do and it's been hard feeling like I can't get it done. Then I find myself working while she is in the room and she gets upset and throws things or comes over and tries to turn the computer off. It's very frustrating. So the goal will be to work when she is in daycare/school and to be with her when she is not. I need to get her in bed by 8:30 (it's been really hard but with the days getting darker earlier that should help.) If I can have some time to myself from 9p-11p I can get last minute work done and personal work done. Sounds like a plan.

Her cute Lia'ism today was when she was on the toilet. I know TMI but it was cute. Her tummy must have hurt as she poo'ed and she said "mommy no more ice cream no more pizza...Lia full."


Lori said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again...I need to be more religious about it as well...just need a little prodding from my shish!

Love you,and like I told you last night...don't be too hard on yourself. This mommy thing is HARD! Juggling is HARD! And the working mommy thing...OY!!! HARD! So if you are not perfect, if a bill or two is late, give yourself a break. You are human!

Susan said...

Hey hey, look who's back! I'll second everything Lori said...including that SHE needs to blog more, too!

Definitely give yourself a break. This stuff IS hard, and everyone's situation and everyone's kids are different, so there's truly no way to learn how to manage it but one step at a time. Deep breaths, deep breaths...a nice Cabernet...deep breaths...

Love the gorgeous pic of Lia, and it sounds like she's going amazingly well! (Tummy issues aside) :-)

Luv & hugs & can't wait to see you on Sunday!!

Daniella said...

I'm so glad your blogging again. I have been horrible at keeping up as well but I'm committed to keeping this online journal for my son and for us. I love looking back and seeing what, where, whatever was going on. Lia sounds amazing.

Shannon said...

Glad to read some new posts and see that everything is going well.

Red Thread to my Daughter said...

Try not to feel too guilty about things, Parenthood is not perfect. We did get Paige's COC in her American name.. Yeah finally somethng went right. I am not sure why but I think the customs guy in Newark had something to do with it.

Susan said...

Am I the only one to notice you're kinda not blogging? :-)