Friday, February 06, 2009

Taking it slowly and ready to not

I've posted this many times before, but I will continue to do again. I was following someone else's blog...pretty exactly where we are in the Taiwanese adoption process...between the first and second hearings. She is having showers, the room is completely done, people are sending her gifts. I feel like a slouch. NO...I AM NOT ASKING FOR LOTS OF GIFTS...DON'T SEND..NOT AT ALL. But, that whole Jewish philosophy of not jinxing anything by bringing a lot in the house is definitely rearing its' head. I just can't do it. Joe too. We agree, we don't buy the furniture till after the 20th, we don't shop, we don't paint. Until the second hearing. I know you might think we are crazy. Everything is basically picked out. Everything is getting in order. But no showers, not gifts, not a thing. It will a big way.


Susan said...

You know I think you're crazy. But not because of this. I totally agree. :-)

Jocelyn said...

I am completely with you on this!! Gifts will come...when they should:-)!!

Daniella said...

I've said this before - we are the same way - may be an italian thing ? I know we bought nothing when I was pregnant - I went in to labor 2 weeks early and didn't even have a diaper. It all worked out and like you said it will come in a big way. I my friend will wait to send Ms. L a gift until you say ok :) xo