Sunday, February 01, 2009

My goals for this week

I webchatted with my baby tonight. I have been learning Chinese so I was able to say to her (I think) "I am Mommy"; "You are Lia"; "I love you"; "How are you." and "Doggie" babble for sure, but at least I could communicate.

Anyway, after Saturday's drama....I am now rebooting and taking some control back. That little girl sits there and waits for her mommy and daddy.I am going to make that happen....come on now!

This week I will make sure that everything gets sent to Taiwan. That's it. We just need to the paperwork to leave this country and get to the Judge's office. I will pick up the authenticated Chinese homestudy tomorrow, they will have completed it, I will overnight to my faciliator and she will send to Taiwan. That is it!

I am going to make this happen....whatever I can do...I am going to see that it happens.


Susan said...

So happy you chatted with her last nite! And don't worry if you lose it a little now and then. It's ok. You're always get it back!!!

Susan said...

ps> this sh*t isn't for the meek, is it??!!

Joanne said...

So glad you are able to communicate with Lia ~ she will be home soon ~ please!! And you will make it happen!!!