Thursday, May 07, 2009

No updates

Gosh, my life has really been about waiting these past years hasn't it's waiting for second half of decree and travel. At least though, some of my "stuff" I was worrying about is basically allievated...she is ours. I just want to go get her now.

Last night I was singing the Barney Song and she loved it. She kept saying "more"...and then she sang it with her Nanny back to me in Chinese! So cute, and must say I'm happy to see how strong her verbal skills are. Not sure if I ever mentioned this, but when were first given her referral they thought she might have some speech issues and could be slightly delayed in her speech (more for her circumstances then anything else) Although she is not speaking English...she is yapping away. Long sentences from what I can make out. And even when Nanny tells her to say something in English she is pretty strong with delivery. My guess is, like her mommmy, she loves to talk!

I just emailed my facilator. I have been very good about not emailing everyday and saying ...what is going on. Figured, one week in from our last conversation is a fair amount of time! It's exactly one week today she told me. I'm pretty sure the decree actually had come down before that and D was just being careful to not tell us info until she was 100 percent sure. (She basically said that) So, if there is a so-called 10 day waiting period between Decree part 1 and Decree part 2, we could really be there!

One other thing, Lia wished me a Happy Mother's Day. Yes, I cried. Let's go get her!!


Shannon said...

Great news! So happy for you!

Susan said...

Your daughter wished you a Happy Mother's Day!

Happy 2009!!!!!

Mira said...

i'm over the moon Mira!! the day we discuss her college plans will be here before you can exhale! Enjoy every single minute.. and send photos soon... and Happy Mothers Day ! the first of many for you

talk soon xxxo

Jocelyn said...

I love that she said Happy Mother's day..your first...yay!!

Kerri said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Joanne said...

Just wanted to wish you a very Happy Mother's Day - the last without Lia home!