Wednesday, May 02, 2007

I am up late

I can't sleep. I've just been organizing my September DTC Yahoo Group Cyber Shower. (Don't ask if u don't know, too tired to explain.) I totally know I messed up and probably sent three people the same buddy.Oh well...I'll find out tomorrow. In other wonderful fabulous sensational extraordinary news....referrals did happen...up to November 1, 2005. A bit more then last month which was a really slow month, not that this is that much better...but still...there's photos of babies babies babies...( I admit, I went on the Rumor Queen Site-even though I swore I would stop reading the news...I had to see the babies)...they are gorgeous. All very older then 10 months did I see.....we by the way requested a 10month to 18 month...but if I got a younger referral, I'd be thrilled!

In other completely non-adoption niece Addison had her first homework assignment ever today..although she was too busy doing her homework I never found out exactly what it was...for my niece Sydney's 12th birthday the crew is coming up to see Legally Blonde...which got crappy reviews but who cares, it's Broadway and it's PINK! My step-daughter Annie is happy and great and playing netball and looking gorgeous as usual...and finally, in the ever changing world of my niece Hayley who is 13 1/2 thinking she is 25, apparently she wants to go to a tanning booth! (Her mom said no, of course!) but she ended up putting self-tanner on herself....god knows how that came out! Anyway...bottom line...these kids are just growing way to fast. O'k, that's it..I am somewhat delirious and I have to work the way, I have a small crush on Blake from American Idol....go figure!

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stephanie said...

I say that checking RQ only just for the referrals is perfectly ok :).

I wish my mom told me no about tanning booths! I used to practically live in those things. It was so natural looking to be a golden bronze in Wisconsin in January.