Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Amazing for me...

In the last 24 hours some amazing things happened to me. Well amazing might be stretching it for you…but for me they really were. First off, I had dinner last nite with a client of mine…I should say a friend. The lovely Debbie S. She informed me that she had been reading this blog and I got to tell you , that made me feel so special. To know that my words are being shared with others and even evoking some emotions from them, is truly AMAZING. Debbie and I had a great dinner last night and talked about babies, adoption husbands, The DISC, our common client, and of course weight loss! What else to do women talk about J. The DISC by the way is a behavioral assessment tool which I am being trained on. Anyway…I left Debbie and headed home. After watching my taped American Idol episode and voting for Melinda (5x) and Blake (4x), sorry not a Jordan fan, I turned on my taped daily episode of “Adoption Story”. It airs everyday at 7am on the Discovery Channel. It was a story about a family who were adopting their beautiful baby girl Phoebe from Korea. I was very touched by their story. This was their second child and they were both in their 40’s. The baby was gorgeous and delicious. But it was more then just what I saw. I started sobbing. I ran up to bed and woke Joe up. I screamed, “something is happening today with Lia-Rose. I just know it”. I know I have had this feeling before. BUT this was much deeper. I felt her. I felt something was happening with her. I don’t know if she was just conceived, just born or maybe arriving at the orphanage. There is movement in this soul’s life. The steps are being set in motion for her to come to us. I know it. I felt it more then ever last nite. Joe said, in his sleep probably, “Lia-Rose is coming…she will be here. “Then we both prayed. We prayed for her to find her way safely to us. To know that she is loved and that all of us….my stepkids, my sister, my brother in law, my nieces, my parents and aunts and uncles, are waiting for her. We made sure to also bless her birthmother. I feel asleep, and I wasn’t sure what I dreamt of…but it felt like something really BIG and AMAZING had just happened. Anyway, this morning I woke up early for a client event that I produce. I haven’t been feeling great physically. I mean, I have been working out and nothing is happening. I saw this morning three people who I hadn’t seen for a few months. Between them all, there is probably a 60 pound weight loss. I spoke to one of them, Kate, who is my age and asked her what she did. She said….NUTRI SYSTEM. I lost 15 pounds on Nutri-System. I want to lose weight and tone up for my daughter. I want to look good in those pictures!!!. So, I called Joe and said…”I am doing it. I need your support”. He said go for it. So…I announce to my Blog friends that I just signed up for it and let’s give it a go….amazing, who knows? For me…something big is happening…..for Lia-Rose…Mommy knows it is happening too!

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Cyndi and Dean James said...

Hi Wendy, I am so Happy for you that all of the amazing things are happening to you!! It must feel really good. I want to say something about losing the weight. I have never tried NUTRI SYSTEM, but I am currently on Weight Watchers and it has been 16 weeks and I have lost 30.9 lbs. It really works and it is so easy. You can eat what you want. If you would like more info, I would be more then willing to talk about it. You can email me: also if you like you can check out our website:
Cyndi James
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