Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Embarrass a Teenager

As Lori says....Aunt Wendi does it again! And Lori taped it and made this cute little video. Poor Lia-Rose...boy is she in for it! xoxo


Daniella said...

Well first I just realized your niece's name is Daniella with an A - okay I'm 38 and have never met another DANIELLA!!!! Very cool. Love the video - very fun. Can't wait to get to Times Square this summer and see my beautiful niece who is turning 18 and graduating high school - oh no! I still can't believe I just saw the name DANIELLA on your youtube video -
- we are almost 7 MONTHS LID - Woohoo

Daniella said...

OKAY I just realized that is NOT your niece but some embarresed stranger from COLUMBIA - okay still cool that we have the same name - I have a habit of reading and watching things too fast and then going back - must slow down.... That's the NY'er in me going to fast.

Mary Beth in A'dam said...

Wendi, This is precisely the kind of thing I do to embarrass my 19 year old. But these are the fun times that make you YOU! I know my girl kind of likes that mom is wierd too, and Lia will surely get a lot of laughs. Those are the times you remember! Thanks Lori for the video.