Thursday, April 26, 2007


(No this isn't about the television show. But I always try to add an graphic that represents what I am writing about.) Tonite I worked out and then met 'my friend Susan' for dinner at an old diner I used to hang out at, the Shining Star on the Upper West Side of Manhattan. By the way, I was there so many times thru the late '90's and the early 2000's that when I walked in the waiter embraced me and then went on to tell me about MY LIFE....pretty much remembering everything! Anyway, the point of this posting is not about that. It's about that as a by product of this adoption process, I have made some of the most fabulous new friends. Susan, aka "my friend Susan", is someone who I met thru this journey. We actually found each other in a coaching class we were both taking. The International Adoption connection led us fact we actually realized we lived down the street from each other for years!...again, back to the topic. But having this connection. Going thru the ins and the outs of adoption has led to a really great friendship. And she isn't the only one. There's Ann Marie, who I worked with for years. Come to find out, we both are adopting, and that has pulled us together is a strange world that no one really understands except those of us going thru this. There's Tim and Chris who Joe and I are having dinner with this week. Marcia, who I am meeting for dinner next week. My wonderful DTC group...the great ladies Rose and Audrey in my travel group, and the wonderful Danielle, and MaryBeth and Stephanie who found me thru my blog! Heather who designed my blog. And then the whole group of bloggers who I'm meeting with in a big big blogapoloza fest!(By the way, if I've missed anyone..sorry) It's amazing. We are drawn together...some of us adopting from China, others from Russia. We all understand this world we are in. We will all have the same experience in many ways. We help each other thru the easy days, as well as the tougher ones. We are bringing our children into our homes because we need them as much as they need us. I am so happy to have "met" these wonderful people. I hope and pray our children arrive safely and can learn they are not alone in this world....they are part of this wonderful circle of FRIENDS.
PS I realized I forgot my new great friends Christine and daughters Leah and Caroline!!!!!

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Susan said...

And this time, girlie, thanks to YOU for the shout-out.

It really is an amazing connection, isn't it? All this IA stuff is something that other friends n' family can be supportive of, but it's a whole tricky world you have to be in to really understand. I honestly have no idea what I'd have done these past few weeks w/out you, Ann Marie, and our blogger buddies!


(holy crap, a comment from me my with no smart-ass remark? wow!)