Sunday, June 10, 2007

Wendi's Book Club

Buy this! Read this! I picked it up yesterday and stayed up late and woke up early to finish. It is so beautifully written. As you may have read below, I met the author yesterday. He is a reporter for the Philadelphia Inquirer, and puts both his talent as a writer and a reporter as well as being a very much in love daddy to work here! The book is both informative as well as very emotional. Jeff writes about some of the very things that I think and wonder about when it comes to how I will feel and think about Lia-Rose's birth parents. His experience was not all ladybugs and snugglies. He is truthful and candid and I appreciate all the work he put into this book. His two daughters and wife are very blessed to be loved by this man. You can read it on every page. A must for any of us in the adoption community as well as for those who are interested. It's brand new and also contains a lot of great information on the current state of Chinese adoption. A great way to spend our time rather then obsessing over those rumor boards!

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Daniella said...

I will buy this too for my summer reading along with the Secret