Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ugh...tagged. I have very pleasantly avoided being tagged for anything in this blog--o-sphere, but my friends Ann Marie and Susan got me. So they asked, a memo of 12 things, professionally and personally you would like to achieve over the summer. Here goes, there are about 112 things I need to do, but here goes.

1. See more friends this summer. There are several people I haven't socialized with in months (years?). Need to arrange for some get-togethers this summer, while I don't need a babysitter.
2. Read, I am in the zone, and reading is awesome. Finished the China Ghost book in 24 hours, now currently am reading Middlesex. Actually, my goal is more to read a mix of adoption books as well as nothing to do with adoption books.
3. Not obsess over missing my sister Lori this summer. She leaves in a week or so to spend the summer working at an over night camp. The kids go with her and all have an adventure. But I hate it. Everyday, my mom and I speak and the first thing we say to each other is "Did u hear from Lori?" I miss our daily chats. I'll miss her writing in her blog. I'll miss her reading my blog. I'll miss my sister! And forget the kids, I can't stand the fact that my nieces don't even write me...but it's not about's about them...and I hope they have a wonderful summer.
4. Not obsess over the WAIT. (Enough said)
5. Email and speak to my stepchildren more.
6. Finish all the big projects I have going at work, as well as start a few more.
7. Begin my Advance Coaching studies, finish getting certified in DISC, do my Creative Marketing for Small Business workshop, set up (more to come) with Susan.
8.Stay on my diet and fitness routine. I am a slow weight loser, so I have to stay positive and not get up-tight about the scale.
9. Play tennis, bike and gym it through out the week
10. Keep my house clean
11. Not obsess about the WAIT...oopps, said it twice, but you understand
12. Continue writing in my blog. I love this!
13. Work on setting up my "speical" project with my agency
14. And be nicer to my husband, translation-I am always nice, just want him to see that in print!
So now my turn to tag: Daniella, Stephanie, MaryBeth and of course Lori


Lori said...

OH I have to

Daniella said...

Gee thanks - I think :) I'll get working on it tonight.. Your weekend sounds like it was fab!