Monday, June 25, 2007

Basic ramblings

A few weeks ago I brainstormed an idea with myself and actually put a suggestion down and sent it to my adoption agency. (Of course I got Ann Marie's approval.) I basically felt that as great as this agency is, they are really stretched thin. My idea was to create a group made of parents who can really filter issues for others and advocate for parents. Additionally, this group would spearhead ideas and events. Bottom-line, communication is key, and this group would work towards increasing it. So long story short, we paired down the idea a bit and the agency agreed to it. They also selected a leader, yep, me! So, I have no idea what I am doing, but I do know what I want to happen. My goal is to make this wait more bearable for others. In my quest to do so, I of course will benefit as well. I can coach, organize and implement, all things I spend my time doing. I just hope this can make even the smallest difference.

In other news, Ann Marie is headed to Russia to pick up Baby Bee in four days! And 'my friend Susan" had great news as well, which are being cautiously optimistic. Lori and the girls are doing great at camp. Yes, I miss them. Yes, Addie is in a big girl bunk and doing great. Summer moves on. This week it will be eight months since LID. Eight months in. Thank god. I start more Advanced Coaching classes next week, so the summer is going to be rather busy for me. Joe thinks I am doing too much. I think if I don't, I'll go crazy. And, although I haven't mentioned it, it's like day 39 on Nutri System. I really have gotten on a scale as I am a very slow loser, and it would discourage me. I have been unbelievably good. My clothes are loser, and my size six jeans, although a bit tight, fit, and they look pretty good. O.k. they are stretch size six jeans, but it still counts. But I have gained control, and I must say, that is an amazing feeling.

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