Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weekend update

Yikes, I am tired. This morning we got home from an afternoon and nite of cruising on the Norgwiegan Spirit,a huge cruise liner. We cruised about 100 miles east ( I guess) of New York City and from what I read today,the shark infested waters of NYC.Anyway, it was a celebration for my mother's birthday which they were not supposed to treat us to, but they did. What a lovely night, we had. Dinner in a private area, a beautiful view of the waters, a great cabaret show (which Lori and I were almost a part of as we danced in our seats and sang every Broadway tune they performed)we lost a bit in the casino, there was way to much food, and my nieces had a few moments of "kvetching"...all and all, a great time was had by all. Thank you mommy and daddy and most importantly, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! ....Oh yes, the karoke, Lori rocked the house with her rendition of "Hit Me with Your Best Shot"...she knows every word as she has been singing it for 20 years...and then Mom, Lori and I rocked the house with "Proud Mary" as everyone applauded my mother for her "29th Birthday!". I will post photos when I can find them....but thank you thank you!

So, I am tired. Sleeping on a boat is great...but suddenly at like 4:30am I awoke to the boat just jamming it back to the rattled, and roared (or so it sounded) but I was up pretty much until I had to get up. Everyone came back here...I cleared out my make-up cabinent for my nieces and gave them extras, shared some books, bought some bagels and hesitated to say goodbye as I love having a household. But anyway.....I could go on a rant a bit about certain blog really- to me being a bit unnessarily negative, but I am too tired to discuss this right now. I do have to thank my dear friend Ann Marie and the very lovely thing she said about this blog. I think she is amazing and any sort of compliment from her, has tremendous meaning to rock and I thank you always for you words and wisdom. And finally, if you have a second, read my sister's blog...especially if you are a parent already, perhaps you can share some insight.

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amy said...

Sounds like so much fun!

stephanie said...

Heh, I know every word to Proud Mary. Happy belated, Wendi's Mom!