Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wow One Year DTC 9/27/07

12 months ago tomorrow, three little Jewish ladies, all who live outside of NYC, Manhattan to be exact, and all who were of a certain age, had their very specially prepared files carefully put into an envelope labeled TO CHINA. THey were DTC (dossier to China) and their wait officially began for their first child. The ladies all excitedly emailed one another and expressed how excited they were to know each other and share this special trip. Through the year, some dates were arranged and then as New Yorkers so regularly do, they were cancelled. W & R met up at a conference and shared some Gefilta fish (or at least W did) after the meeting. They missed A so very much that night. One day, W and A got an email from R who told them about her beautiful referral for a little boy! W and A were so happy for her, although they were sad she left their special little group. One year later, A comes back regularly to this little blog to get to know W. They email often as well. They count the days, commiserate about the wait and share the joy in knowing they will be together in China and their daughters will always be sisters.

So, on this day, and although posted on 9/26/07, I wish A or Audrey a very happy one year DTC! And guess what, this weekend A and W will finally meet!!!!


And to my Daniella and Stephanie…..Happy 11 month LID-Versary D; and Stephanie….you are finally in double digits Mamma, happy 10th!



stephanie said...

Happy 1 year DTC! And hello double digits pour moi!!! Can't wait to talk with you!

Daniella said...

Happy 11 months! By the way, I'm sure you heard but August is out of review. We are getting closer :)

KJ said...

its been a year?! your patience and calm continue to amaze me. you are a special person wendi caplan carroll. someone we can all learn a thing or 2 from. you are so close and you deserve all that waits you in the form of your beautiful daughter.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. Congrats on one year DTC! Keep the faith.


LID 5/15/06