Tuesday, September 18, 2007


My dear blogger friend Stephanie nominated me for a NICE AWARD. OMG! I am so touched.
And have to say...you are just a breathe of fresh air. So sweet, nice and I am so excited to hangout with my Stephanie!

Addendum...I just re-read Stephanie's post...that is probably the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. I can't believe it. You are really, really special! I am honored to call you my friend.

(Lori, make sure you read this!)

Also, I hosted my first teleconference for my agency tonite! Wow..it was incredible. We had 33 callers! The speakers just were amazing. I cried many time during the call. If you want to hear more, email me off-line at dashish@aol.com and I'll share some of their thoughts.

Again, Stephanie....I LOVE YOU!


Daniella said...

I agree with Stephanie - YOU ARE NICE! More than nice :)

Ummm, yeah I want to know more about the teleconference - email me the details.... Please :)

KJ said...

You are an amazing person Wendi Caplan Carroll ... and you deserve to be nominated for many awards. You touch the lives of everyone around you... I hope you always know that. Lia-Rose is one lucky gal.

stephanie said...

I meant it from the bottom of my heart! Can't wait to hear about the teleconference, please share all details with me!

Love ya right back!!

Julie said...

I agree - you ARE very nice! LOL. Congrats from the Other Lia's Mom :)