Thursday, September 06, 2007

My friend

I am so happy because I am meeting the most incredible people through this adoption journey, and specifically this whole blogging craze. It’s so incredible that each and everyday we write words and read others’ words. We share so much together. Our journeys are similar in so many ways. Our feelings totally understood. How lucky are we to connect like this!

Last night I finally “met” my log-in partner and blog friend Daniella. We chatted on the phone for what seemed like a short time, but I think it was way longer then that. It was so much fun to get to know each other, although we know so much about each other already. We laughed about how we are obsessed with blogging and shared stories of some of our fav blogs out there. We commiserated about the wait. And excitedly imagined that we will be in China together I love this girl! Sometimes you read someone’s words and story and you imagine that when you actually have a conversation with them or meet them they are going to be exactly the same way as you imagine they are from their blog….and sometimes you think, hmm, they aren’t really what I thought they would be like….well Daniella is exactly as I imagined, she is wonderful, warm, funny and totally gets me! I am so so lucky to now call her my friend! xoxoox


Daniella said...

Right back at ya! I so, so enjoyed talking with you last night. I know exactly what you mean about wondering if someone from a blog will be what you have imagined in your mind - you are even more than I imagined. Can't wait to meet one day.

stephanie said...

Ooh, a phone date! So glad to hear it went well and that you have a real friend with the same lid. Kismet I tell you :)!

It's so funny, we've never talked but I think I know what you sound like.

kris said...

You know, some of my closest friends were made on this road to adoption, it's an amazing journey. So glad you were able to connect with you LID partner!