Saturday, August 25, 2007

Something just ain’t right

After a nice 60 minute work-out at the gym last nite, o'k more like 50 minutes, I decided to take a little stop over at Barnes and Noble to grap a Starbucks Iced Coffee and take a little browse around the place. I love, love going to bookstores. I just don't feel guilty buying a handful of books. I mean after-all they are books, not frivolous things like let's shoes or (gasp) pocketbooks, Anyway, I hit the magazine section first to look for a copy of Working Mother and Adoption Magazine. I did find it interesting that all the family focused magazines were under the category "Women's Interest"…checking quickly I saw that under "Men's Interests" were car, sports and computer magazines. Hmmmmm? Only women are interested in family? Anyway, I digress, I found one copy of Working Mother, which I already had, and absolutely no sight of anything remotely focused on families brought together by adoption. I then searched out the books on Parenting and Families. This was a huge B&N, I mean a big one. I passed hundreds of new and old titles. Hard and soft covered books. I headed up the escalator, remembering that is where the books for this particular topic could be found. Bingo! Nestled between the teen books and the kids books were the Parenting books. There were shelves and shelves of books. I was excited! I was going to have my pick of some of those great adoption books that are out there. I mean the books about the adoption experiences, about general adoption issues, about attachment, about how to answer adoption questions, about the joy, about the sorrow. The books about domestic adoptions, the books about foster care and of course, my personal fav, the books about International Adoption. I couldn't wait to get my hands on them all, take time and choose one or two to bring home. So I went searching for them. I passed by book upon book upon book about pregnancy, about raising toddlers, about what to except when you expecting, about raising step children. Dozens of special needs books, books about teenagers…opps more books about pregnancy and some more. And then I saw them. 10, no make that 9 (a book was in the wrong place) measly old books on Adoption. Three of them being copies of the same book!. That's it folks. 6 books out of a store of thousands and thousands on adoption. Hello, is something not right about that. You mean to tell me that in a hugely busy area of North Jersey, Barnes and Noble feels that having 6 different adoption titles and 9 books will satisfy its shopper. I do plan to write a letter to the store. I think it's crazy! Thank goodness for, there are hundreds listed and that's where I plan to buy them!


kris said...

Yep. And I live in a small college town, so finding adoption literature isn't really an option except through Amazon!

stephanie said...

I'm really surprised by this. Do you have a Borders near you? I have been really lucky with their adoption related selection but I have also had to rely on too.

Working out 50 minutes? What are you a size 0 now? :):)

The Blessing that is LIA said...

I'll take a peak at Borders in the City....ohhh...I was mad.

I wish a size 0...but no..however,I just brought a very perfect size 6 dress....slowly but surely!

Susan said...

Interesting about the B&N selection, my incredible shrinking friend. Did you check to see if they have a special Adoption section?

Just curious...we both live in such adoption-heavy areas...I'll have to check mine.

Meanwhile, no news on this end. Ugggghhh...!