Sunday, August 12, 2007

Babies, nice new friends and a headache that wont’ quit

So yesterday was a lovely gathering of local families at Heather's. Our friends Chris and Tim (non-bloggers) co-hosted this outing. I felt so badly because I showed up an hour or so after everyone else, but had early morning appointments and errands to do. I by the way am always on time. Anyway, it was about an hour's drive away from here, and I continue to find beautiful parts of New Jersey that I didn't even know existed. Such very nice families were there. I got the chance to meet Shannon's daughter Chloe, hello anyone say really cute kid. I met Kristen, whose blog I had found months ago. Such a nice lady! Also it was a pleasure meeting Joanne and her beautiful Kelsey. Joanne and I are the exact same age, so it was lovely meeting another mommy of a "certain age". Also there were new friends Erin and Michael, who don't live that far from us and I do hope to see them again. I do have to say one of the highlights of the afternoon for me was meeting Stephanie and her daughters, Leah (that's Leah, vs LIA J )and her newly adopted most precious Maya. First off, Leah is gorgeous and way too smart for her age. She decided she was going to marry Tim (that's the Chris' husband)! If I had to cast a new sit-com that called for cute, precocious five year-old, I would hire Miss Leah on the spot. Her 10 month old sister Maya, has only been here since Monday, yes I said MONDAY. They just got back from China! Stephanie let me hold her and love her and as I did, I was just picturing my life in a year or two…..holding my Lia-Rose. It was funny, at times little Maya would look at me and I felt she was trying to tell me, "Relax Wendi. Your day will come too. It's all going to work out." Thanks Stephanie for giving me the chance to get all that love from Maya. She is an unbelievably sweet baby girl. So well adjusted and already knowing exactly who her mommy is. Anyway, the party pooper that is me, started getting a massive headache. I knew it was migraine coming on, and I have no idea how I made the ride home, but I did. I ended up sleeping for 12 plus hours, and beginning now to feel somewhat normal. Anyway, thanks again Heather….go to her blog now to see photos!

How about that outhouse (wink wink)


Headmeister said...

You're very welcome! Yes, you were definitely *enamored* with Maya... I was starting to think that Steph wouldn't get her back! Glad your headache is better.

The Blessing that is LIA said...

You are right...I was thinking how I could sneak her home with me!

Daniella said...

Hope your feeling better. Migraines suck. Looks like a good time was had by all

kris said...

Sounds like a wonderful gathering, so glad you had a great time!

Stephanie said...

It sure was nice to meet you also. I can't wait until the day that I get to meet your Lia!

Julie said...

Hi Wendi, looks like we have something else in common (besides our Lia's!) - I get migraines too - UGH. I hate that! Glad you are starting to feel better... :)

JoAnn in NJ said...

Hi Wendi~
It was fun to meet you too! Thank you for the lovely compliments about Miss Kelsey.

BTW, I am really only 29 (got a special dispensation to adopt in china early) yah, that's the story and I'm sticking to it! ;)

You missed some very messy and chocolate fun later on....maybe next time?

JoAnn in NJ