Friday, August 10, 2007

Random rainy thoughts

I totally should be working. It’s Friday afternoon, it’s poured all day. I am soaking wet from this rain, and I can’t wait until the weekend. My poor husband has worked ridiculous hours this past week, including one 27 hour day! Yes that is twenty-seven hours! I really admire him for his stamina and perseverance. He barely complains (well maybe once in awhile) and is one of the hardest working people I know. I appreciate everything he does, and hope he realizes that. I really missed him this week too! Thank you Daddy Joey! Thank you.

One of the big projects I have been working on is my Adoption Agency Support Group. As you may remember, I had proposed the idea to my agency that we create this group to really help families during this wait. They thought it was a great idea, and asked me to be the leader. We have over 60 families now and we are hosting a bunch of upcoming events. Our first event is a teleconference. We are having a panel of “Been There Done That” parents speak about their experiences. I am recording it so following the call, I can let you know where it is and you can take a listen! Then on 9/29 we are doing a bit Fall Kick-Off meeting . I have arranged for author Jeff Gammage-China Ghosts and Dr. Melissa Goldstein (International Adoption Doctor) to speak. Plus a cool kids corner for arts and crafts …Lori will you face paint a bit??? This is open to all Waiting Families, Friends and Family, so if you are reading this and want to come …YOU SHOULD! Please contact me off line at and I’ll send you an invite. The event will be held right outside of New York City in North Jersey. There are hotels close by…I’ll pick you up…cough cough Daniella! I think this would be great for you too Stephanie…and how about you Elizabeth?  Anyway, EVERYONE IS INVITED AND WE NEED TO SUPPORT EACH OTHER!!!!

In other news, my nieces and sister come home next week! As selfish as this is….I am thrilled. I have been really down this summer at points, and I attribute a lot of this to missing them and my stepchildren! In fact, Annie (my step-kid) and I are scheduled to talk tomorrow, and I can’t wait. If you don’t know my step daughter and son are in Australia…so we email daily…but I haven’t talked to Annie in a bit. Joe calls from work all the time, it’s me that misses out! Anyway…can’t wait to talk to her.
Then my nieces are home by Wednesday, so even thought they are sometimes to busy to chat with me, just knowing I can speak to them really helps. They have had a great summer. Addison in fact really grew up! Well, sort of. But they have had a ball…..they look healthy and happy in the pictures. It’s amazing; once they get home we will be in full Bat Mitzvah planning. Hayley and Sydney are having a double Bat Mitzvah in March(The reason my diet is even more important) It sort of breaks my heart though. When we started the adoption process, there was a hope that the nite before the Bat Mitzvah we would be doing a baby naming for Lia-Rose. That is a traditional Jewish custom. Then we were concerned that we might miss the Bat Mitzvah all together because we would be picking her up in China…oh well, I refuse to go there. Maybe during the service we can say a special prayer for Lia-Rose.

Tomorrow, I am attending a Waiting Family Barbeque at Heather’s. Should be fun and get to meet some fellow bloggers!

So, to wrap this all up, I have to ask everyone to send good blessings the way of “my friend Susan”. She is on her way to Russia right now to meet her referral. As many of you know, Russia’s system is quite different then ours, and ours means China . She travels once to meet the baby, and then files papers to adopt her, then returns in a few months to go to court and bring her home. It’s been a long grueling process for Susan. I admire her strength and composure. She certainly has kept her sense of humor (and style I might add) through this whole journey. Let’s hope that this little munchkin is the one….and you guys can get on with your life together!


stephanie said...

Oh Wendi, I wish, wish, wish I could come then. Unfortunatley our Halloween stores will be in full force from 09/01 - 10/31 and Iwill be working a.lot.!

Still planning on December though :).

kris said...

Just found you through my friend Heather (who also was the pimp for my blog!) and I'm adding you to my bloglines even though I'm on a break right now.

I love the support group you are creating and I think I might do that with the local FCC group here... there is so little connection in this smallish college town!

The Blessing that is LIA said...

Hi Kris....I'll email you at your site as well...I have been reading your blog for days!!!! I am praying for you and so glad we connected....W

JoAnn in NJ said...

Hi Wendy,
We met today at Heather's! I didn't catch you as you were leaving, so I wanted to reach out and say how nice it was to meet you and look forward to supporting your new support group. I'm sure we can be very beneficial to each other!

JoAnn in NJ