Monday, August 20, 2007

Hanging out with the nieces

The girls are home from camp and I am spending some Aunt Wendi time with them. Joe and I headed down to AC for a night of gambling (yeah, right, we played the slots for about 30 minutes total-won $40) and then Joe dropped me off at my sister's. It is so great being with them as its been a whole summer long of withdrawal for me. I took Friday and Monday off to spend extra time. I now sit in my sister's kitchen remembering- this house that I have visited for 6 years plus, this trip to see my girls that I have made for 13 years plus. When Hayley was born in 1993 I was a thirty-something (young thirty something) hotshot, with not one ounce of anything inside of me that was interested in marriage and family. I was having to0 much fun. When Haylz came into this world, my life changed for the better as being an Aunt was a really incredible experience. Then about 18 months later, my little Ce (Sydney) was born. Aunt Wendi was overjoyed another little doll to love and spoil and cherish. Which I did. It was Aunt Wendi, Hayley and Sydney for six years. Trips up to NYC to visit their "cool single Auntie", weekends down here sleeping in bed with both of them and buying them anything they wanted. Six years later little Addie (Addison) was born. What a surprise!!!! I was completely shocked and beyond words excited. At this point I went from young hip urban cool single Aunt Wendi (kinda of) to an almost forty, single, happy in her career, but her heart definitely missing something Aunt Wendi. About a year later I met Joe and we set up house. Addie never really got to know the other me, as she only really knows me as Aunt Wendi and Uncle Joe. Life really moves fast. Addie is now going into the first grade. The girls are all settled in middle school. Hayley a "senior" there. Their bat mitzvah is in early '08. Their bodies are blossoming into incredibly beautiful women, Addie's losing all of her baby teeth. Yeah, they like to be around me, but last nite I went to sleep before all of them! Gone are the days of all sleeping in bed with Aunt Wendi and giggling till the early hours of the morning. (Although, Sydney snuck in bed with me around midnight, I was snoring away.) The kids are very excited for Lia-Rose. Addie mentions it often. We were talking about someone young who has just had a baby. Addie said to me..."you are old enough to be a mommy too Aunt Wendi..." Yes, you are right my Addie, I am certainly old enough for that. So, we continue to wait for you Lia-Rose. I can't wait till you are hanging out with the family. Making memories of your own with them. They will be older then you ...but I wish for you sleepovers and laughter. Look up to them, as they have looked up to me.


stephanie said...

Gosh, we've led similar lives! Reading this made me miss my nieces so much.

Daniella said...

The relationships we have with our nieces are so special. I too shared similiar weekends with my Amber Jo (now 18) yikes!! I just had the pleasure of spending almost 3 weeks with her and it was just like old times - the conversations have changed but not the love. Have a great visit.

amy said...

I adore my niece...We have the greatest time..What precious memories