Sunday, July 01, 2007

Happy getaway weekend

I won't be blogging for the next few days (withdrawal)....except I will be reading thanks to my trusty blackberry. How could I not? My dear Ann Marie is in Russia as we speak going thru adjustments with the "Bee", referrals are on their way, "my friend Susan is in referral mode", babies are coming home, my sister is checking in from camp....oy, this Blogging is truly a soap opera...except it is our life! Joe and are taking my parents to Washington DC tomorrow. Tonite, a 40th surprise party for my friend's husband down at the beach. I haven't felt great the past few days with a very sore leg from the jogging I've tried to take up....but I am excited for a break. It's been awhile. The reason we are heading down to DC is to see two of my most favorite relatives in the world, my Aunt Reeva and Uncle Max. They are both aging and having health issues, and unfortunatly time doesn't stand still....I need to see them. And be with them and just hope they will one day meet my Lia-Rose. Have a great long holiday weekend...I've been watching the Concert for Princess Di and it brings back a lot of memories as well....time does move on....anyway, Happy 4th on the 1st!

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Daniella said...

Have a wonderful trip - enjoy your time with your family. We are settling in to NJ - lots of family already here which has been nice. I'm loving the weather and did my run today with 65 degree temps - very nice. Sorry about your leg - try doing 2 min jog/ 1 min walk. I started out too strong and hurt my leg and 2/1 (which you can increase as you get more used to it) is great for building up stamina.