Wednesday, July 18, 2007

It always takes you back

It's always the same. Something happens and your heart beats a little harder then it was before. Your skin crawls and tears well up in side. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, all time stands still and it takes you right back to the days following 9/11. Tonite was one of those times. Fortunately, it was not terrorism. They say it was a steam pipe bursting. I had left the office about an hour earlier, and was safe at home in NJ when it happened. I would have been blocks away anyway, but I am glad I was home. My cell phone rang and I heard panic in my friend David's voice. He asked what was going on? I had no idea what he was talking about and we both began to panic. We were together that day in September '01 and suppose we now have a natural inclination of needing to talk so each other when something happens. We both "get" why we panic. In a way that probably all of us who were close to the Towers that morning understand. In fact, probably all of us in NYC do. Bottom line, a dozen plus people were hurt. I do have one friend who works near by and she isn't returning my call. I am a little nervous. I can't honestly say that I am sure that everything will be o'k when something like this happens. It wasn't o'k on 9/11. We live in a different world now. What seemed like a no way that would never happen here scenario, no longer is true. I wish so badly we lived in a safer time. It scares me to think that my daughter ,nieces, step-children and YOUR children will grow up in a suspicious world. We need to all pray and fight for peace. I don't want to be scared to fly on a plane or be in a big crowd. I just want to simply ride the subway, without wondering what the person next to me is hiding under their coat. I am sick and tired of second guessing our President and leaders. I want a world where we know that the future is bright. To know that hundreds of my fellow New Yorker's were panicked tonite because they thought they were reliving 9/11 is distressing. This is the new world we live in. This is the new New York we love.

PS My friend left me a message..She is o'k.

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