Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Oh what a nite!

Last nite I had a blast. And even though my husband teased me relentlessly that he was mad at me …he knew that a night out with some of buddies from the past was definitely a treat for me. I have some dear males friends who through-out my twenties were my best hang out buddies. Sure, I had girlfriends, but these were my boys. Dan, who is the leader of this pack, was the leading crazy dude. Over the years I have worked for him twice, quit working for him twice, laughed with him, teased him, was teased by me, sang with him, cried with him, danced with him, set him up with numerous girls named “Susan” (more to come on that later), stood by him as he married, became his oldest son’s god mother, fought over politics until he finally understood what we had been saying all these years about the Bushes, and held his hand the day after he found out his wife was leaving him. He is my dear friend and we have a ridiculously fun time together. He lives in Louisville and I only get to see him a few times a year when he is up here on business. Last nite a group of us gathered-my boys-Dan and Glenn both newly single. My girls “my friend Susan” of blog fame and a new work friend , Chris who is also single. I thought that I’d fix them all up and then go home. I mean I am the married one. But no…..I mean NOOOOO…I was having way to much fun for that . It was totally a blast as Dan, Glenn and I reminisced about the past. I hadn’t seen Glenn in about 15 years. By the end of the night we ended up at a Karaoke Bar, which was one of our favorite things to do. From the Rolling Stone, to the Hooters to Tina Turner we all rocked it out. Not to mention the Grease Medley! The truth is, Dan and Glenn are incredible singers. They blew us away with some of their renditions.

Anyway, this morning when I came to work, by the way I got home at 1:15am (don’t ask) Chris came up to me, after I apologized profusely for in anyway embarrassing her (she said we didn’t!)and marveled that it was amazing how ‘my friend Susan” and I are cool mothers to be. She went on to say that it was wonderful to see women who had lived their lives and enjoyed the many experiences that life has offer now become mothers. I thought about that for a bit and I have to agree with her. I have had the opportunity, both being single a long time and being married a short time, of having some really incredible times. I have met and worked with some very successful people and celebrities, enjoyed some interesting travel, experienced NYC to its fullest, worked in an exciting and fast paced business, had fun business meetings with incredible clients (Debbie if you are reading this includes you!)saw many concerts, plays and live entertainment, been to incredible restaurants, sipped great wines, over-spent on some great shoes, worked on exciting projects and political campaigns, danced till dawn, sang and cried my heart out, and enjoyed a wonderful family. I loved being called a “cool mother”. Not sure exactly what that means, but I do know that I am ready for nights at home rolling on the bedroom floor and weekends in the playground. I am ready to change a few dozen diapers a day, to hold a crying baby and rock them till they stop crying. I am ready! But, you never know when the mood for some singing will strike! Bring it all on!

And by the way, I might have made a little match….’my friend Susan’ and Dan…to be continued!


Susan said...

...and after all that, the psychiatrist today actually determined me to be a fit parent-to-be!

Go figure. :-)

Sincerely, Susan (#5?)

The Blessing that is LIA said...

You actually might be Susan #6!

Anonymous said...

Hi Da Shish & Joe...I finally made my way to your amazing blog. I'll have to come back just to catch up on all I've missed. One thing is for sure, Dan Smith really does look like Rick Astley. In closing, I can't wait to meet Lia Rose! Your favorite bro, Gregg