Saturday, July 21, 2007

New Jersey State of Mind

In the past 24 hours I've enjoyed the beaches of the Jersey shore as well as the beautiful feel of country and nature in Ramapo, New Jersey. I needed a break, this State that I live in offered me the chance to rejuvante and "get away" from my normal routine. Yesterday, a good client and friend of mine planned an off site business meeting that took us down to the beautiful beaches of New Jersey. We walked, we talked, we accomplished some business, and we relaxed. I needed to look at the ocean. To smell the air and to feel the sun on my skin. It couldn't have been more perfect. Then this morning, after saying good bye to Joe who had to work at 6a, I packed Ms. Molly the Dog in the car we drove about 30 miles from here to this wonderful Indian Reservation/Park in Ramapo. It was incredible to be walking the trails there at 7a by myself.We passed maybe three other people. I tried not to think. I wanted to feel nature and let the beautiful open space do what it wanted with me. It was so great and just what I needed. It was a week where I felt blue and restless. I am quite possibly in the halfway point to this adoption-it's nine months next week. I tried not to focus on that. I just feel like I want change and I realized that I am the one with the power to keep things moving in my life. So that's what I will do. Where I can I will, and when I start feeling a bit down, I'll remember to always put myself in this New Jersey State of Mind where I can walk down a beach or up a hill by a lake and find myself again.

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