Friday, October 19, 2007

stuck in traffic

I live about five miles from Times Square, right outside in New JerseyM five miles should take how long? New York City time.... Sometimes forty minutes to 90! No joke. Commuting around this down is draining and I ride the bus.

So I am stuck in traffic, and on my way in to first get a ton of blood tests. I am having minor gyn procedure nxt week. Going back to reproductive doc's office. Lucky me. But, truly lucky me because the procedure is pretty simple. I will just be knocked out nxt Wednesday.

This has been a long week. Joe and I had two sets of visitors from Australia this week. One was my stepdaughter,s best friend and familyM it was really fun to see them. We took them to a great and festive Mexican Restaurant on the Upper West Side, my old hood and favorite neighborhood in NYC. Also home by the way to my friend SusanN who had some incredible miraculous news yesterday!

Other random news, I am stuck on a number on the scale and publically putting out my intention to pick up my activity level. So with gym bag in hand, I will start today! I am feeling great with the weight back to where I should be,bbut losing five to ten more would be great and doable.

My teleconference was a good success. I am actually going to summarize in a seperate post. It was hard to take notes cuz I was the interviewer as well as the hostess.

I am having lunch today with an okd friend who on the side gets bppaid to do psychic readings. She is good...and you know the question I am tempted to ask... Lori it is not E.

AnywayN thanks for riding NJTransit with me. Pulling into Port Authorty now. Will fix typos later!

Addendum. My friends I am sitting at the doctor's office for my pre-op. Remember this is my old reproductive doc who is doing this. Every morning between 7 and 9:30 a they have monitoring hours. I came in the past to test my ovulation or take bloods to check my hormone levels. I do not remember the lobby looking like this. I am overwhelmed to say the least. There must be fifty people here. Men and women. Sassy looking career women, the suburban mom, the classy looking gal from Brooklyn, the couple arguing in the corner. A shared experience by all. There is one woman who brought her two year old son. He is crying right now. As tense as this lobby is, it is ironic that the sound we hear right now is the sound we all long to hear one day. I want to get out of here fast! I just looked at my wrist. Saw my red threads. It will be ok. We are all finding our way to our babies.


Susan said...

Going to that doc's office must be so hard, but you've been a tough trouper there!

Hugs to Annie for me, please!

And now your friend Susan is off to jump thru a few more hoops to try and make sure this good news stays good news....gotta do updates...commute to get papers...blagh....all good!!

Daniella said...

Hope you are doing ok. I look at my bracelet all the time as a reminder.

stephanie said...

The ATL is known for some pretty bad grid-lock too. Another reason for me to move out of suburbia!

Ahem, question for you. Why the hell haven't I been informed about this little "procedure"?!!!