Monday, October 08, 2007

Feel like I should write I did

It's funny, I feel very compelled to write in my blog, even if I have not much to say, certainly not much about the adoption....nothing has changed. We wait. We love Lia-Rose. We are frustrated with the wait like everyone so is....what it is....nothing more can be I'll ramble. Ramble about whatever comes to my mind. So I did.

It's October and it feels like August 25th. Women in the city today were actually wearing very short halter sun=dresses and sandals. Shorts and flip flops. This is October. My leather coat...opps, I don't have one anymore, but if I did I would want to wear it. I wanna wear my leather boots and a sweater. So I did.

I have plauteaued on my diet (24 pounds). I went to and looked up what to do when this happens. They said one idea is to eat dinner for lunch and lunch for dinner. To shift aruond your calories. So I did.

I worked out at the gym tonight and spent more time lifting weights then doing cardio, I heard that on XM Radio, Oprah Show. Heard some author talk about how that's really the way to do. So I did.

I went out to lunch today (I guess it was dinner, reference above) to have my salad. I saw a White woman and her Chinese daughters. I wanted to stare at them. So I did.

I have a huge event that I am producing on Wednesday nite. It's an awards ceremony for something we call 1010 WINS Tomorrow's Newsmakers. Expecting 300 people. (Ann Marie did u do my artwork?) I need my black dress ironed. I don't iron. My husband does. I should ask him. So I did.

I have class tonite. Yes, an Advance Corporate Coaching class. It's a 10pm class. I have to take it. So I did.

I have nothing really important to say. I should stop. So I did.


Daniella said...

I love reading your blog b4 bed, so I do....

Audrey said...

I love reading your blog also!! But I usually do it first thing in the morning while having my coffee!! :)
So tired and stressed over the wait time!!
So sick of this hot and humid weather. I want to wear my sweaters and boots also!! Just not a winter coat yet. (It was horrible apple picking this weekend in 90 degrees!!)

stephanie said...

A day in the life of Wendi. I love it!

annmarie said...

If you liked the artwork: yes, I did it! If it's terrible: I have no idea who could have done such crap. :)