Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tired but good

Hi all. Nothing at all adoption related....I'm on a big business trip and it has taken my mind off of the freaking WAIT. Although with the wonderful meals I've been eating, I am thinking of my WEIGHT. Will buckle down on Nutri System over the next few weeks to get in tip top shape for the big Bat Mitzvah.

The trip is doing well. I made some big transitions in my career and I'm actually doing things that a few years ago I only really dreamed about. I know that sounds dramatic..but it's true. I'm very excited.

Anyway, I wish I had more to say, but just wanted to check in. I still haven't gotten my blog fixed, but I will this weekend.

And did you hear a rumor that a certain political candidate is having an affair...? Interesting....more to come!


Anonymous said...

It's "anonymous" here... still feeling terrible that I hurt you by my innocent comment. I hope all is forgiven.

The Blessing that is LIA said...

Oh, Anonymous, of course you. Just tell me who u are....if you are someone I know, especially. My sister and I thought we knew who Anoymous was, but Lori, I think we might be wrong.....Anoymous, my blog family is just very protective of me worry at all. Please don't be Anonymous anymore....xo

Anonymous said...

Okay - I think all is cleared up now, and I am so grateful that you are not offended by my words. I'm still going to be Anonymous for now... but suffice to say that I am on an adoption related blog because I too await my girl. (different country, different story... different hearts being stretched). Hang in there. It will all happen. Regards, Annonnie.

The Blessing that is LIA said...

Annonie, I wish you only the bestest! You are in my thoughts as well for a quick swift process.
Love, Wendi

Lori said...

I love the name Annonie!!! So cute!

Anonymous said...

Lori and Wendi - Love how close you are. Nothing like sisters. Also love the support for Hill, although it seems like a helpless cause these days. Best Regards for a nice weekend -


The Blessing that is LIA said...

We love Anonnie!
So the plot thickens...a fellow adoptee, a good democrat, and one who gets my relationship with my sister!

Who is Anonnie!