Sunday, February 24, 2008

Greetings from my sick bed. I have a big bad cold and it has knocked me down. When I was away last week, I was staying at house with two year old twins with a cold and a six year old with a fever. Hmm, wonder how I got sick! First time this winter and I feel truly terrible. So, I'll take advantage of it and just lie here. I have read the Sunday Times already, watched a ton of television and even caught up with some ABC programs that are web streamed right on my laptop.

I had another dream at sometime during all this. All I remember was that it was just the beginning of the year (duh, I guess it is still that now) but I remember it felt like it was right around the holidays. I was running into a bunch of former co-workers that I worked with like 15 years ago. Anyway, there were hugging me and saying. Oh Wendi, you will get your baby in 2008. This is it. This year you will get your baby. I woke up feeling that that had really happened. Aside from a very stuffed up head, that was a great way to wake up.

Anyway, and most importantly, I wasn't able to post yesterday as I just couldn't concentrate, but yesterday-Feb 23, is my beautiful, sweet, adorable, silly, smelly (kidding) niece Addison's birthday!!!! Happy Birthday Addie!!! It's funny, I realized something. When Hayley and Sydney were born, I was still a young-ish thirty something year old, who really was just living the life of that single career gal living in Manhattan. I was not thinking of getting married and children.Hell, at that point I just wanted to meet a decent boyfriend. I enjoyed the two older girls, not wanting to be anything but the greatest and coolest Aunt in the world. I was their buddy, their friend. When Addie was born, I was a little older. I soon met Joe and married. My relationship with her was a bit different. I wanted to "mother her". I was in a much different headset. My feelings toward her were framed with a different mindset. I wanted to be a mommy right then and there. Addie was and is the closest thing to having a little one. I enjoy her so much, and I love how she is always thinking of Lia-Rose. We had told her originally that Lia would be with us when turns seven. Well, unfortunately that isn't the case...maybe closer to eight ....but, the love this child shows for her little cousin already, is just so sweet. Happy birthday Addison Michaela.
I adore you and want to eat you up...piece by piece. You are my sweetie!


Anonymous said...

Hey there. It’s Anonnie here. Sorry to read you are under the weather. Also, sorry about continuing to be so mysterious – but blogging is still new and unfamiliar territory for me. it takes a while to get comfortable with it. And besides, I kind of like the mysteriousness of it…. I happened to notice your blog a while back when exploring the internet on international adoption, and your blog stuck out for some reason. It’s got heart. I confess, I feel like I am looking into your living room window when I read it – because it’s not my life. However, once again, throughout this inexplicable journey of adoption, I find that there are so many similarities. Not that we are not each unique in our own ways – but the parallels are uncanny. It’s strange that so many common themes surround us waiting mothers. In any event… feel better – AND, happy birthday to what appears to be a very special - and lucky, little girl Addie.

- Anonnie

The Blessing that is LIA said...

Just loving Anonnie. And I'm so glad that you have found me. I can't wait to learn more about you. The mystery....I love it. As do a few of my friends! I would love to know more about feel free to share and to email me off-blog at It is amazing that in this wonderful cyber world we find people that have much in common with is truly incredible.

Thanks for the comment about this blog having heart. So many other blogs are so much funnier and interesting to me...this is just me, being me. I'm glad you are a part of it.

Susan said...

I've gotta second that whole thing about blogs bringing people together in strange ways. Maybe you're familiar with a popular adoption blog where a lurker from Qatar got in on the action and introduced herself, and other than some differences in the adoption system itself, the personal stuff is all so universal, and it's amazing.

But that's not why I'm writing. :-)
I'm writing to say feel better, girlie, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ADDIE!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear, Dear Blessing that is Lia... I will write to your email address later in the week. Just wanted to say hello, hope you are feeling better, and to share with you some news. Maybe you and I are each others mysterious "good luck charms". I got my referral call this morning. (again, it's Russia, not China, so there is a clear distinction with wait times.....) I can't say much - but I can say that I believe in the ironies and mysteries of all this stuff and I have a funny feeling about you getting good news soon. Call me crazy, whatever. I'll write soon. Forever, your Annonnie

The Blessing that is LIA said...

Annonie..u give me chills...complete..and Mazel Tov!!! I can not wait to hear!

Lori said...

Annonie!!!!! Wonderful news!!! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

hahaha i've been hearing stories about this mysterious 'Annonie' and im finally able to understand why you and my mom love her.

to wendi-love you
to Annonie-congrats! :) im so happy for you!