Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My baby just got her baby

I was watching a private "gotcha video" of a friend of mine who adopted a beautiful little girl off the Waiting Child list. In the video you see her entire family and the happiness that this little girl brought them. It was overwhelming. I mean I have seen dozens of videos, but something about this one, really got me. The baby's grandparents were there and a the end of the video, the handsome grandfather said to the camera "My baby just got her baby." I started sobbing. And I got goosebumps. It was such a natural and beautiful sentiment.

My baby just got her baby. The family grows, and grandparents are watching their families blossom, all by the process of adoption. These little beings don't just come into our lives. They become sisters and nieces and cousins and granddaughters. I always think of what it means to Joe and I. But Lia-Rose is more then just our daughter. She will be Annie's baby sister, Adam's youngest sister, Lori's sister's daughter...her niece. Greg's baby niece, Hayley, Sydney and Addison's cousin, Aunt Dorothy and Uncle Mike's God-Granddaughter and Grandma Joyce and Granddad Aaron's fourth granddaughter. Lia-Rose has this big place in this family. A chair is yet to be filled, a crib yet to slept in. There is a big piece of every one's heart that is missing. Only Lia-Rose can fill it. Lia, one day my parents will say it too..."my baby is having a baby." are OUR baby.


Joanne said...

Loved, loved this post!! You are SO right ~ our little ones touch SO many lives, not only ours. You are sounding very positive lately :)

BTW, does your friend have a blog??? Sounds like a beautiful video!

Stephanie said...

And I'm surprised Stephanie's daughter-in-law wasn't listed :). I'm calling today.


Julie said...

Seriously - I haven't even seen the video and your description of it made me tear up! What a lovely post...

- Julie (OLM)