Sunday, December 28, 2008

We were suppose to chat tonight with Lia but the webcam gave us issues....I emailed Grace the translator to tell her that we were having issues and to let Nanny and Lia know we were trying to get them. Among other things, this is what Grace told me in her reply... "Nanny said Lia is very happy about all the stuff you sent, she keep telling other kids at the school about Daddy and Mommy sending her these stuff. ( show off, I guess. Ha! Ha! )"

That is my girl. How awesome is this!

No word on courtdate...our faciliator and I spoke and she explained that when the notification came from the courts they assumed it was the court date...not that more information was needed. But, she also said she isn't concerned and that we should have soon.

I also started filling out more paperwork for "exit" and it was surreal to actually be filling it in with her name...albiet a very long Lia is her first name and her middle name is officially Tsz-Huei Rose. Or is it Lia-Rose officially as the first name and Tsz-Huei as the middle....ugh! Poor kid. Any suggestions...

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