Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Good energy, please

No wonder. No wonder nothing is happening. I am putting out such negative energy. Anxiousness, fear, mistrust. Not a way to be thinking. I am trying so hard to put myself back into the positive zone. I am still not feeling well. Just so tired. Achy, yucky.

I did hear from Dina..the Facilitator ...who basically said what I knew...she doesn't have the date now because they needed some more information from us. I am was too tired to get into it with her. I know they are working on it.

I have Lia's little pink coat. What I saw her wearing when we first met. I accidentally took it home with me and I love having it here. It makes her more real for me. It's hanging in my room now. It gives me comfort to think of her in it.

Anyway, I am really too tired to write...but I just want to start put out the good energy again...and so it will be.

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