Friday, March 14, 2008

A little feeling of magic.

Today was one of those days where everything seemed to flow. It was magical in a sense for me. I got a few new projects, clients were happy, work was extremely productive, I got my nails done, had a great dinner with an ex-client/now friend, was happy to hear my sister had had a great couple days....and my second China family friend got a referral! I mean I've seen a few Russian mamas get Ethiopian mommy or two (hypothetically)...but believe it or not, only one of my China friends. I won't give information until it's all official official, but it's a Waiting Child, and she is just great ...and Mama is happy!!! Her older sister-a bit jealous...but it's all great. I thank her Mommy for making a special effort and calling me. It was so sweet.

Then today..I was walking down Fifth Ave on my way from a great appointment onto another...I look up...walking right across from me was a Caucasian women pushing a stroller with her beautiful Chinese daughter. In front of her was her husband with another Chinese child. Along with grandma and two older brothers. I stopped her (I know what you are thinking Lori and Sydney), but the truth is, I haven't had the heart lately to say anything when I see these wonderful blended families. Anyway, back to the tale...I stepped up beside her and whispered. "I'm a Waiting Family!" She said, "oh my god, when is your LID?" I answered. She said .."mine too!"...turned out of course, she is home two months with her beautiful baby Mackenzie. Cleft Lip (repaired)...beautiful. Precious. Wonderful.
I started to cry ..(I know what you are thinking Sydney) and she hugged me ...a stranger... but it did feel a little like magic though!

PS: I haven't been that great on my diet...need to get back on track! I put it out there go keep me accountable. Love that.


Susan said...

That's awesome that you said something. It's amazing how many adoptive families are out there (ESPECIALLY here in NYC!), as you find out when you start to pay attention, or speak up, as in the case of us "invisible" Russian adoptions. And it's a pretty intense connection that most people are delighted to share.

Let's hear it for magic!

Jocelyn said...

What a great story, thanks for gave me the chills!

Stephanie said...

Chills indeed. You were heavy on my mind today, hence the call. Something is up my friend.


Daniella said...

Magical story - call me. My weeks has been insane and my mom's here. We must catch up.

annmarie said...

Right on for speaking up! I am proud of you! Isn't that an awesome connection?? I felt that magic when we first learned we were both adopting with the same agency and same coordinator!