Friday, August 08, 2008


Today is the day that has been on my mind for over a year and half. When the adoption process began to show huge evidence of a slowdown, everyone pointed to the Olympics as one of the reasons. Today, 8-8-08, the Olympics in Beijing begin. All the world is talking or thinking about China. I've watched a ton of documentaries about China and have heard from so many people who have said to me, "I was thinking of you today when I was watching a show on China."

My neighbors Yo and Jace told me that in China this day is "very very lucky".

Here's to a peaceful and joyous Olympics and "very very lucky" blessings to all those little babies waiting for us. Maybe we are heading to the other side of this now....just maybe?

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Lori said...

blessings on 8 8 08
i love you so much!!!