Monday, June 23, 2008

Thanks for prayers

So far so good with my friend who I mentioned below. She seems to have avoided the "big c" although has a very strange strange infection that we need to be concerned about. Her spirit continues to inspire me...she is so positive and remains so faithful. I am completely in awe of her.

In other news, my nieces have left for overnight camp. I had a huge argument or let's say disagreement - with Sydney over the weekend (Syd will make an outstanding lawyer one day). She thinks that all kids must go to overnight camp and that it is awful that I wont' consider it for my daughter to be. First off, I told her, not all kids go to overnight camp (Trust me, she has no idea how hard my sister works to make that happen) and secondly, I told her, I will have waited for Lia-Rose for so long there is no way I'm not going to spend as much of her childhood with her! Not sure Syd got that, but I give the kids lots of credit for her strong opinion. Addie was delish, and I still can't imagine how hard it is for my sister and bro-in law not to see that kid every night ...Hayley was Hayley...beautiful yet tooo cool for me...but I still adore her and trust she will be Hayley again with me soon.

Anyway, Annie my stepdaughter and her bff arrive in a few weeks. I have spent alot of time cleaning up closets and such. My house looks great on the outside...pretty neat and uncluttered...but if you open some doors and drawers what lurks behind is scary. Not so much anymore though. Annie and Mel will be sleeping in Lia-Rose 's room to be I cleared Lia's stuff and put it neatly in the closet. I don't have that much, but it sort of made me sad. One day soon, both of them will have their own bedroom, but for now they share.

Went to my next door neighbor's 6th grade graduation...our other neighbor who is 8 joined us. O'k, yes she is Chinese too and yes, you know what I pretended to be. Who cares, it was fun!


Susan said...

Glad to get some updates from you here...and soooo glad your friend's holding up well.

Your little neighbor, btw, is beautiful! Now let's do a phone, or even a (gasp!) in-person catch-up!

JoAnn in NJ said...

Hey Wendi!
I never went to summer camp (especially sleep over!) and neither did any of my friends!

My sister's kids never went either (9,11 and 16)... I agree with you, there's no way I'd ever send my girl...daycamp sure, not sleepaway!

Sydney, maybe it's just your circle of influence?

The Blessing that is LIA said...

Joann...thank you! Syd thinks I am so least you agree with me. And yes, for sure it's her circle that is sleep over bound!